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  1. videos have no sound
  2. Uploader
  3. Likes not giving credit
  4. Viewing Jokeroo Videos
  5. $0.00 viewing glitch
  6. moving posts
  7. can't go in threads
  8. the list up there is soo dark
  9. I have problem with uploading files
  10. When I hit the enter key I don't go to the next line
  11. Be the Cook Uplooder No Working?
  12. Ads?
  13. I can't see my aproved picture in statistic's section
  14. Trouble with uploading
  15. Threat detected by Chrome
  16. Posting a Quick Reply
  17. Profile Page is all black without any details on it!?!
  18. Pages crash!!
  19. Why does it say sign into facebook
  20. PopUps on Jokeroo
  21. Not getting newsletter :(
  22. Trouble uploading images
  23. i have no mind!
  24. Can't see any pages
  25. WTF is a Database Error
  26. cannot upload pics
  27. nn n nnh n
  28. Getting a Server error
  29. oN THE *HOTMAIL* WOES>>>>>>>>>>>
  30. windows 10 wont let me
  31. Why is it that...
  32. Problems with the Challenge Thread
  33. Chrome at it again
  34. Reply to thread
  35. Trying to read my messages.
  36. Every time I post Having to sign back in.......?