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Thread: Ex-Husband Poem

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    Default Ex-Husband Poem

    My Ex-husband and I fought constantly,
    Why I married him I'll never know.
    For all those miserable years I said
    This husband has got to go!
    Tried poisoning cakes, stripping his brakes,
    Salting his pork chops with lime.
    Wiring his chair, igniting his hair
    Even though playing with fire's a crime.
    But I failed at each plot 'til I suddenly thought
    Of a way that would set me free!
    I got rid of him for good and ya know what?
    They couldn't do a thing to me!
    They'll take anything back you know!
    They said they couldn't remember selling him,
    But they must have if I told them so.
    They just credited him to my Visa and said,
    "Ya'll come back ya hear?"
    They were all so nice, polite and insistent,
    I took his mother back the next year!
    They'll take anything back at Wal-Mart,
    Though it's broken, rotten, or sweet.
    And know what else? This time of year,
    You don't even need a receipt

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    The following conversation took place one morning between a wife and her now ex-husband.
    They were discussing government cost cuts that they recently heard about in the paper. "Honey," his wife said, while reading the newspaper, "it looks like our government is going to cut overhead and trim down the military forces. They are going to eliminate six over-aged destroyers."

    To which the husband replies, "Sorry to hear that, dear. I'm sure you'll miss your mother being gone."

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    I Like That Poem Lmao

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