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Thread: Bad nursery rhymes

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    Talking Bad nursery rhymes

    Bad nursery rhymes
    Jack and Jill Went up the hill To have a little fun- Stupid Jill forgot the pill And now they have a son.
    Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard To fetch her dog a bone When she bent over Rover ran over And gave her a bone of his own
    Mary had a little lamb Her father shot it dead Now it goes to school with her Between two hunks of bread
    Sing a song of sexpants, Trousers all a-bulge 4 & 20 blackbirds longing to indulge When the flies were opened The girls began to sing What a dainty morsel, even for a king!
    Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, Her clothes all tattered and torn. It had not been the spider that crept up beside her But Little Boy Blue and his horn.
    Simple Simon met a Pieman Going to the fair Said Simple Simon to the Pieman "What have you got there?" Said the Pieman unto Simon "Pies, you dickhead!"
    There was a little girl, who had a little curl Right in the middle of her forehead And when she was good, she was very very good But when she was bad, she got a fur coat, ....jewels, a sports car......
    Humpty dumpty sat on a wall Humpty dumpty had a great fall All the kings horses and all the kings men Had scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast
    Mary Had A Little Lamb, She also had a duck She put them on the mantelpiece to see if they would.... to each other.
    Georgie Porgy Pudding and Pie kissed the girls and made them cry. When the boys came out to play he kissed them too 'cause he was gay!

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    they is all FUBAR rhymes but they is funny

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    That isn't quite what I remember them to be ...but thinks I like yours' better somehow.

    cute post*

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    They Remind Me Of Andrew Dice Clay They R Funny.

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