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    Default Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the Bible...

    I know that Patrish will come in with some Satanic, moon god, Islam spread with aggressive violence but I have come to the conclusion that she is insane in the sense that she hungers to do whatever she possibly can to defame Islam and Muhammad (peace be upon him) and call Allah the paganistic moon god. Well, Christians that speak Arab call God Allah too soooo.. Anyways, this will be my all in one Islamic proof thread (until Patrish posts pages of lies that she gets from anti Islamic sites) That's ok because when these sites attack, we respond with hard hitting, in your face truth, unlike unlike the anti-Islamic lies that are spread because they can't stand that we have proof! Here's the facts, like it or not:

    The liberation of Mecca (Paran) by 10,000 Muslims in the Bible:

    Let us look at the following Verse from the King James Version Bible: "And Enoch [Idris in Arabic, one of Allah Almighty's Prophets peace be upon all of them to the people of Israel.] also, the seventh generation from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord came with ten thousands of his saints, to execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard [speeches] which ungodly sinners have spoken against him. (Jude 1:14-15)"

    Let us also look at the following Verse: "And he said, The LORD came from Si'-nai, and rose up from Se'-ir unto them; he shined forth from mount Pa'-ran [Mecca in Arabic], and he came with ten thousands of saints: from his right hand went a fiery law for them. (The King James Version Bible, Deuteronomy 33:2)" According to Islam's history, when Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his followers faced hostility from the people of Mecca (Paran), they had to leave the city. They fled to the City of "Yathrib" which was called later "Madina" where Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him continued to spread Islam to all of the Arabs and then later to the countries near by.


    When Islam became complete and the number of the Muslims grew up, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him decided to liberated the Holy City of Mecca, the city of our beloved father Abraham the father of Ishmael and Isaac peace be upon all of them who built the black cube building of Kaaba in the same city, the Holy House of GOD Almighty.

    The army of the Muslims that conquered Mecca without any blood shed (peacefully) were exactly 10,000 men (From the book of "Muhammad the Prophet" by Maulana Muhammad Ali, pages 128-129). The Bible calls them "ten thousands of saints".

    Also, the movie "The Message", which talks about the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, mentions that Mecca was liberated by 10,000 Muslim men.

    As brother Abdul Haleem mentions below:

    "Muhammad In World Scriptures," Volume I, Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi (New USA Edition, 1999), p. 73.

    "Paran" is a biblical name for the part of Arabia called Hejaz where prophet Muhammad [pbuh] was born. When prophet Ishmael and his mother were driven out by Sarah; they settled in the "Wilderness of Paran" (Genesis, 21:21). Prophet Ishmael happens to be the progenitor of prophet Muhammad [pbuh]. . . ."Muhammad [pbuh] In the Bible," Mohd Elfi Nieshaem Juferi,

    It's quite interesting to see how the Bible in both the Old Testament and the New Testament predicts this event to occur in the city of Paran (Mecca).

    Two questions for Jews and Christians:

    If the prophecies above from the Bible were not referring to our beloved Prophet peace be upon him and his army, then who else are they referring to?

    Would you please bring me one Christian or Jewish event that took place in the Holy City of Paran (Mecca), or any city or event in the Bible that involved 10,000 Christian or Jewish saints? I searched and asked found nothing!

    The Biblical number 10,000, and the Prophecy of the 10,000 men of GOD Almighty executing the Judgement of GOD in an ungodly place is only linked to Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

    As to using SONG OF SONGS 5:10 below to show that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was foretold, the reason why I posted it is because the ENGLISH Bibles had been known to be NOTORIOUS in mistranslation

    Also please visit: Obvious mistranslations of the Hebrew Manuscripts. See proofs of alterations and deceptions done by the Jews and Christians to disprove Islam in the Bible.

    I wanted to introduce the possibility that the book of Song of Songs was either:

    1- Altered and much of the porn was added to it as the NIV Bible's theologians themselves clearly admit:


    The book of Song of Songs:

    "Verse 1 appears to ascribe authorship to Solomon. Solomon is referred to seven times, and several verses speak of the 'king', but whether he was the author remains an open question. (From the NIV Bible Commentary, page 997)"

    "Two lovers, Solomon and a Shulamite girl, express their feelings for one another, with occasional comments made by friends. (From the King James Version Commentary, page 945)"

    2- The book was mistranslated from the original Hebrew, and GOD Almighty still preserved His Divine Revelations in it, if it was indeed GOD Almighty's True Revelations.

    Because the bible is weird and corrupt, then it is only normal to see strange ways to seek out the Truth in it. I care about the Bible and I want to know the Truth from falsehood in it. That is why I decided to post this piece on my site, because SONG OF SONGS 5:10 below so strangely refers to "THE UNCLE", not the lover in the Hebrew letter. It is also weird to find the word "MUHAMMAD" in it as well.

    So could it be possible that the whole letter could've been mistranslated? Or man's alterations had entered it, which explains why we have so much graphic porn in this book. Only time will tell.
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    It is a well-established tradition, that:

    The Prophet [pbuh] left Medina [for Mecca] in the company
    of ten thousand in Ramadan.

    Saheeh Bukhari, 5:574, emphasis added.

    In both Old and New Testaments - despite the corrupted nature of the texts - the appearance of Muhammad with an army of 10,000 is prophesied. In Deuteronomy 33:2, the appearance of a prophet with "ten thousands of saints" is predicted by Moses:

    And he said The Lord came from Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto
    them; he shined forth from Mount Paran, and he came with ten
    thousands of saints; from his right hand went a fiery law for them

    Bible (King James Version), Deuteronomy 33:2, emphasis added.

    That this reference is to the prophet Muhammad [pbuh] is unmistakable:

    "Paran" is a biblical name for the part of Arabia called Hejaz
    where prophet Muhammad [pbuh] was born. When prophet
    Ishmael and his mother were driven out by Sarah; they settled
    in the "Wilderness of Paran" (Genesis, 21:21). Prophet Ishmael
    happens to be the progenitor of prophet Muhammad [pbuh]. . . .

    "Muhammad [pbuh] In the Bible," Mohd Elfi Nieshaem Juferi,

    Not only the history of the Israelite prophets, but the
    annals of the world point out but one person - that of the Holy
    Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] as being the holy one accompanied
    by ten thousand saints. . . .

    "Muhammad In World Scriptures," Volume I, Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi (New USA Edition, 1999), p. 73, emphasis added.

    In order to obscure this prophecy, the New Living Translation, Douay and some other English translations of the Bible, purposely mistranslate Deuteronomy 33:2, to eliminate all references to "ten thousand."

    Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi comments on this mistranslation as follows:

    There is an important word ribeboth - which occurs in the text
    which we have translated as ten thousands. This word has
    occurred at many places in the books of the Prophets, and is derived
    ribboth which means ten thousands. The dictionary A Hebrew
    and English Lexicon by Gesenius and Brown has shown ribboth
    to mean a myriad, ten thousands, and shte-ribboth to mean
    twice ten thousand. Sometimes ribboth is used without the final
    letter th with the same meaning. [see e.g. 1 Chronicles, 29:7; Ezra, 2:64;
    Niemiah, 7:66, all using ribbo]

    Id., at p. 74, emphasis in original, footnotes and Hebrew text omitted, footnote 97 partially reproduced in ellipses.

    Significantly , in both the New Living Translation and Douay Bible, 1 Chronicles 29:7, which talks about offerings of "ten thousand darics gold" and "ten thousand talents of silver," the Hebrew number term that is not translated "ten thousand" in Deuteronomy 33:2 is translated as "ten thousand."

    It also should be noted that the Revised Standard Bible, Websters Bible, World English Bible and New American Standard all include the number "ten thousand" in their translations of Deuteronomy 33:2.

    Todays English Version attempts to obscure the prophecy contained in Deuteronomy 33:2 another way, by translating the Hebrew as saying "ten thousand angels," rather than "ten thousand saints."

    Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi also has commented on this mistranslation:

    The next important word in this regard is qodesh, which is now
    being translated into angels. Its primary meaning is pure and holy and
    is applied to every pure and holy thing, person or people or even to a place,
    e.g. admath-qodesh, [Exodus 3:5] holy ground; meqom-ha-qodesh, [Leviticus,
    10:7] holy place; am-ha-qodesh, [Daniel 12;7] holy people; har-qodeshi,
    [Psalms 2;6] my holy hill.

    Hence, me-ribeboth-qodesh, according to the dictionary and usage of the Bible means with then thousands of saints.

    "Muhammad In World Scriptures," supra, at p. 74, emphasis in original, footnotes omitted, footnotes 98, 99, 100 and 101 reproduced in ellipses.

    Here, again, most English translations of the Bible agree that the "ten thousand" are "saints" or "holy ones," not "angels." See e.g. Revised Standard Version ("holy ones"); Websters Bible ("saints"); New American Standard ("holy ones"); Douay ("saints").

    The predictions of a Prophet appearing with a host of "ten thousand saints" are repeated in the New Testament.

    In Jude 1:14-15, Jude writes of a then-unfulfilled prophecy by Enoch [Idris in the Arabic, see Quran, 19:56-57]:

    It was also about these that Enoch, in the seventh generation from
    Adam prophesied, saying, "See, the Lord came with ten thousands
    of his saints, to execute judgment on all, and to convict everyone of
    all the deeds of ungodliness that they have committed
    in such an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which
    ungodly sinners have spoken against him."

    Bible (The New Revised Standard Version), Jude 1:14-15, emphasis added.

    This prophecy of Enoch clearly refers to the Holy Prophet [pbuh] for the following reasons:

    1. Only the Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] had ten thousand
    saints with him. We have shown elsewhere that these saints accompanied
    the Prophet [pbuh] at the conquest of Makka.

    2. The Holy Prophet [pbuh] executed judgment upon all the
    unbelievers at the conquest of Makka and convinced ungodly Makkans
    of their ungodly deeds.

    3. The Christians kept waiting for the coming of the Lord
    even after Christ had come, for this epistle of Jude was written long
    after Christ and the Christians knew that it referred to come other
    personage who, from the time of the Prophet Enoch up to the time
    of Christ, had not appeared. The prophecy was therefore clearly for
    the Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] and for none else.

    "Muhammad In World Scriptures," supra, at p. 24.

    Because of the clarity of this prophecy, many of the English translations of the Bible purposely obscure it, by omitting the number reference to "ten thousand" or by claiming that the prophet announced was accompanied by "angels" rather than "saints" or "holy ones." See New Living Testament, Todays English Version, Douay, and New American Standard.

    However, the King James and New Revised Standard Version translate the passage in Jude 1:14 as referring to "ten thousands of his saints" (King James) or "ten thousands of his holy ones" (New Revised Standard).

    An examination of the original Greek supports the latter interpretation:

    The word translated "ten thousand" is murias, which in Greek usually means "ten thousand," though it may also mean "an innumerable multitude" or :innumerable hosts." Strongs Concordance, No. 3461.

    The word mistranslated in Todays English Version as "angels" is hagios which means in Greek "most holy thing" or "saint," not "angel." Strongs Concordance, No. 40.

    Once we get past the deliberate mistranslations of Deuteronomy 33:2 and Jude 1:14-15, we find that these prophecies not only refer unequivocally to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) , but that they are corroborative of the much-discussed prophecy in Song of Songs, 5:10-16.

    According to the well-researched work of Mohd Elfi Nieshaem Juferi and Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi, the original Hebrew version of Song of Songs 5:16, if correctly translated, predicts the coming of Muhammad (pbuh) by name:

    His mouth is most: yea, he is MUHAMMAD. This is my
    (paternal) UNCLE, and this is my COMRADE, O daughters
    of Jerusalem.

    Significantly, in Song of Songs 5:10, this same prophet - expressly identified in the Hebrew as "Muhammad," is described as being "the chiefest among ten thousands" (ibid., emphasis added) (King James Version).

    This reference to the "ten thousands" indicates that the Prophet referred to must be the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)!

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    Prophet Isaiah peace be upon him prophesied that two leaders whom he called "Chariot" would come -- one riding a donkey, and another riding a camel:

    "And he saw a chariot with a couple of horsemen, a chariot of asses, and a chariot of camels; and he hearkened diligently with much heed: (From the King James Version Bible, Isaiah 21:7)"

    Who are the "couple of horsemen"? They are Jesus and Muhammad peace be upon them. Let us see the proof:

    Jesus fulfilled the riding of the donkey prophecy: "And Jesus, when he had found a young ass, sat thereon; as it is written, (John 12:14)"

    The quote "as it is written" is referring to Isaiah 21:7. It is important to know that no where in the New Testament do we see Jesus riding any camel. No where in the New Testament do we see any fulfillment of any kind about the prophecy of riding the camel.

    When we look at Muhammad peace be upon him, he rode the camel several times in his life time. The most popular event of him riding the camel is when he migrated from Mecca to Medina to escape the torture of the pagans.

    Not only that, but when the Muslims in Medina wanted to build the first Islamic Mosque and the Prophet's humble Home next to it, they had conflicts among each others about the location, because each group/tribe wanted the location to be as near to them as possible. So, to avoid the conflict of "favoritism", the Prophet peace be upon him ordered for his camel to decide the location by letting it walk and settle in the place that it naturally chooses.

    This wisdom from Prophet Muhammad which relied solely on his camel solved the problem.

    Now, my open challenge to any Jewish Rabbi or Christian Priest or Minister is as follows:

    Where in the Bible do we see the riding of the camel Prophecy being fulfilled?

    Who in the Bible was the Prophet that rode the camel to fulfill the Prophecy of Isaiah 21:7?
    The New Testament only fulfills the riding of the donkey prophecy in John 12:14, and it claims that it only fulfilled that prophecy.

    There is still a missing fulfillment of the riding of the camel in the New Testament. Why?

    If Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him wasn't the one who fulfilled the remaining of Isaiah 21:7 prophecy, then who was that Prophet?

    Please visit
    Isaiah's Vision: He saw Jesus riding a donkey and Muhammad riding a camel. He also saw the destruction of Babylon (i.e. Iraq today) and its idol gods, and replacing them with a Divine Religion (i.e. Islam today).
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    In the Old Testament, we read about GOD Almighty promising to create "Great Nations" from Ishmael, Abraham's first Son and the father of the Muslims:

    Genesis 12:1-3

    1 The LORD had said to Abram, "Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you.
    2 "I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.
    3 I will bless those who bless you,
    and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

    The quote "go to the land I will show you" is referring to the city of Paran (Mecca). See the
    Biblical proofs here

    The quote "I will make you into a great nation" is quite interesting. How can GOD Almighty call the Muslims, who came from Ishmael, a "great nation" if they are as the modern Christians of today consider them to be "Satan's followers"? How can we be a "great nation" in the eyes of GOD Almighty if we are hated by Him?

    The quote "I will bless those who bless you" perfectly fits the Muslims. As you probably know, we Muslims worship Allah Almighty by prostrating to Him. Every time we pray and prostrate, we end our prayer by sitting on our knees and say the following exact quote:

    "........and bless Prophet Muhammad and the people of Prophet Muhammad, like You blessed Prophet Abraham and the people of Prophet Abraham........"

    As you clearly see, we bless Prophet Abraham every single day of our lives when we pray to Allah Almighty. We also do say "peace be upon him" or "peace and blessings be upon him" when we refer to his name or any other Prophet's name.

    My open challenge to any Jewish Rabbi or Christian Priest or Minister is:

    How can the Muslims be cursed and considered satan followers when GOD Almighty in Genesis 12:3 blesses them because they bless Abraham?

    How can the Muslims be cursed by GOD Almighty when they bow down to Him and only Him in prostration?

    Yes, the Muslims are the "great nation" that GOD Almighty talked about, they are blessed by Him because they worship non but Him, and they bless Abraham everyday in their Prayers

    Irrefutable proof from the Bible that Jesus wasn't GOD, and he Prophesied about the coming of Muhammad (by the name) after him:

    Please visit my
    ANSWERING TRINITY section to see detailed refutations to every single so-called "trinitarian" verse. The most important articles in this section are:

    The absolute Oneness of GOD Almighty in the Bible's Old Testament.

    The "God" title in the Bible was given to others in the OT and NT. Answering Isaiah 9:6.

    Did Isaiah 53 really prophesies about the crucifixion of Jesus? It supports Islam's claims about Jesus peace be upon him never died on the cross. I also addressed John 19:36-37 from the Bible and proved that Jesus never got crucified, since GOD Almighty promised that he will protect Jesus' body and not let even a single bone be broken. My question to all Christians is: How in the world is it possible for the feet to get nailed on the cross without any penetration to the bones by the nails, hence breaking part of the feet's bones?! I also added refutations to Exodus 12:46, Numbers 9:12, Zechariah 12:10 and Psalm 34:20, which supposedly prove the Christians' belief about Jesus crucifixion. I proved that this dogma has no truth what so ever and exposed the wrong Trinitarian English translation of Zechariah 12:10.

    Do People and Angels bowing down to Jesus in Worship really prove that he is the Creator of the Universe? See how the word "Worship" used for Jesus doesn't even exist in the original Greek Bibles. The Trinitarian English translations are nothing but hoaxes and deceptions. The article responds to Matthew 15:9 and other English mistranslated verses in the Bible.

    Jesus claimed that whoever saw him saw the Father. Wouldn't that prove that Jesus is GOD Himself (i.e., the Creator of the Universe)?

    Did Jesus ever claim to be "Mighty God" or "God"?

    The early Christians rejected Trinity.

    Prophet Muhammad mentioned by the name:

    In the Gospel of John: Muhammad is mentioned by the name and was foretold in the Gospel of John.

    God's name in the original Bible was indeed Allah!
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    Reproduced below is the incriminating text from the Web Site of
    Truth Seekers, P. O. Box 250, Newport, PA 17074.

    Note: The Hi-lites are mine. I have inserted appropriate responses after their allegations. My responses are in Blue Ink.

    Where Did Allah Come From?

    Dr. Robert Morey (writes):

    Muslims worship a god by the name of Allah. They also give him ninety nine other names. The question that naturally arises is who or what is this Allah? Where did the Muslims derive their ideas of Allah’s nature and attributes?

    In his works, Dr. Robert Morey - a Christian missionary, maintains having conducted a comprehensive research and made exhaustive study on the subject "Allah of Islam". The author alleges that the Muslims give ninety nine "other names" to Allah. It is indeed strange that a learned scholar who has written books and articles on the subject of "Allah" does not even know that these "ninety nine" are not the "other names" of Allah, but they are His attributes! In the event that the author is quite aware of the true facts and yet has made this remark then one can only guess that the author's intentions, from the outset, are not to deal with the facts but to present distorted views for Allah.

    Historical Source of Islam

    Historians, linguists, and archeologists have dug into this question for over a century. Various archeological digs in Arabia and throughout the Middle East have uncovered the answer: Islam is a modern version of the ancient fertility religion of the moon god. Once this is grasped, the rise and history of Islam becomes clear.

    The Arab conquests were made possible because the central powers in the Middle East had exhausted themselves in wars against each other. They were not able to fight off wave after wave of Arab armies which subdued entire nations with merciless slaughter, rape and plunder.

    Conquering Armies

    The Arabs destroyed some of the wonders of the ancient world such as the world famous library in Alexandria, Egypt. They destroyed many ancient churches and synagogues. Anthropologists have recorded how the Arabs destroyed the cultural heritage of any nation which fell under their sword.

    One may wonder why the author has not stayed on the course? Why has he abruptly started painting pictures of "The Arab Conquests & The Conquering Armies" with a black paint brush? It seems that Dr. Morey is totally ignorant of, beside other true historical facts, of the atrocities committed during the Seven Christian Crusaders inaugurated by Pope Urban II and his successors. I wish Dr. Morey would rather stay on the subject and present specific details concerning the "Muslims beliefs for Allah" and comparing them with the so called beliefs of the "ancient fertile religion of the moon-god".

    Who were these Arabs? They obviously were not Christians because they destroyed churches and murdered priests wherever they went. Obviously, they were not Jews because they persecuted Jews without pity. This is seen today in their hatred of Israel and the many wars and acts of terrorism waged against Jews throughout the world.

    If the Arab hordes which swept over the ancient world were not Christians or Jews, then what were they? They were pagans who worshipped a pagan god called Allah and followed pagan rites
    which were practised in Arabia long before the religion of Islam evolved.

    Dr. Robert Morey, who has written texts on the subject of how to debate with the opponents, wants his readers to embrace his innovated theory that if the "Arab Army" was not composed of Jews or Christians then it had to be of "the Pagans, worshipping a pagan god". The fact is; the Islamic Civilization was flourishing and the so called European Civilization and the Renaissance had not yet emerged, when the Islamic Army was conquering the parts of Europe and North Africa, .

    Islam Denies the Trinity

    These facts of history reveal that Islam does not worship the same God worshipped by Christians. Why? Christians worship one God in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. But Islam denies the Holy Trinity and worships a different deity called Allah who is not a Father and who has no son.

    Since the religion found in the Bible teaches the Trinity, then it does not take a Ph.D. to see that Islam did not come from the Bible. Thus it is not the religion of the biblical prophets, apostles or Jesus.

    The untainted "Unity of God", as professed by Islam and Judaism, has
    hundred percent "explicit" endorsement in the Old Testament (Ex. 20:3; Is. 45:21) and also in the New Testament (Jn. 17:3). What is not endorsed by the Holy Bible is the "Doctrine of Trinity". Today, it is no secret that it was the Pagan Emperor Constantine who called the Council of Nicaea in his Imperial Roman Palace and approved the observance of Easter Sunday and the Doctrine of "co-equality", "co-eternity" and "consubstantiality" (homoousious) of Jesus with his Father. Constantine was declared "baptized" on his death bed when water was poured on his forehead in 337 A.D. Imagine a Christian theologian, accusing Islam of denying Trinity, does not even know the roots of Trinity! Why should the religion established by the Almighty Allah Himself should endorse a theory that was promulgated by a Pagan Emperor? The proper question is; should the Christians be following a Pagan Emperor or the righteous Christ Jesus who even refused to be called "good", let alone "god-head" (Mk. 10:18)?

    Pagan Origins

    Islam's origins have been traced back by scholars to the ancient fertility religion of the worship of the moon god which was always the dominant religion of Arabia. The moon god was worshipped by praying toward Mecca several times a day, making an annual pilgrimage to the Kabah which was a temple of the moon god, running around the Kabah seven times, caressing an idol of a black stone set in the wall of the Kabah, running between two hills, making animal sacrifices, gathering on Fridays for prayers, giving alms to the poor, etc.. These were pagan rites practised by the Arabs long before Muhammad was born.

    The author seems to be very good at making High Hamburgers without any Beef! Dr. Morey: Where is the "BEEF"? It is easy to make wild accusations without providing credible evidences and documents.

    The Crescent Moon

    What religion today practices the pagan rites of the moon god? Islam! This explains why the crescent moon is the symbol of Islam. It is placed on top of mosques and minarets and displayed on hats, flags, rugs, amulets and even jewellery. Every time you see the Muslim symbol of a crescent moon, you are seeing the ancient symbol of the moon god.

    The Crescent Moon heralds the beginning of the new month and the new year. During the period of Islamic Empire, the crescent moon was adopted as a state emblem. It had nothing to do with religious beliefs. Today, Eagle is the popular state emblem in U.S.A. Does that emblem represent the religious beliefs of the citizens of U.S.A.?

    The next time when Dr. Morey happens to see an Easter Egg he should think of Eostre, an ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess and the pagan rituals. Below is an excerpt from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia Deluxe Copyright © 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 The Learning Company, Inc.:

    "Many Easter customs come from the Old World. The white lily, the symbol of the resurrection, is the special Easter flower. Rabbits and colored eggs have come from pagan antiquity as symbols of new life. Easter Monday egg rolling, a custom of European origin, has become a tradition on the lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C. ... The name Easter comes from Eostre, an ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess, originally of the dawn. In pagan times an annual spring festival was held in her honour. Some Easter customs have come from this and other pre-Christian spring festivals."

    Denial Not a Refuge

    Does the average Muslim know that he is worshipping a moon god? No. Does he know why the crescent moon symbol sits on top of his mosque? No. Is he shocked and perhaps angered at these facts of history? Yes. But can mere denial or angry threats refute the fact that Islam is nothing more than a modern version of the ancient religion of the moon god Allah? No. The average Muslim has been kept in the dark by the Mullahs and Imams who would lose their power if the truth ever got

    An "average Muslim", after reading the above would most probably quote you the following two verses from the Holy Qur'an. These two verses are enough to knock out the brain of your FALSEHOOD.

    "Among His Signs are the Night and the Day and the Sun and Moon. Prostrate (adore) not to the Sun and the Moon but prostrate to Allah, Who created them, if it is Him ye wish to serve." Holy Qur'an 41:37

    "Nay We hurl the Truth against falsehood and it knocks out its brain and behold falsehood doth perish! Ah! woe be to you for the (false) things ye ascribe (to Us).
    Holy Qur'an 21:18

    Islam is the fastest growing religion of our era. Today, more Christians are turning to Islam then before. Who should know it better than Dr. Morey who has written a book on The Islamic Invasion. He writes; "This revealing book presents the truth about this rapidly spreading religion...". Are you telling your readers that the new converts to Islam, especially the Christians, are so much impressed and attracted by the "modern version of the ancient pagan religion" that they are trading their Christianity and Trinity for a "moon-god"? The Truth is; Prophet Muhammad (the Spirit of Truth), has "guided" the Islamic Ummah (Islamic Brotherhood) "into all the Truth", as it was prophesied nearly 600 years before his birth, by Jesus Christ. (Please read John 16:13 and keep reading further, you will be amazed).

    Worship the True God

    Dear Muslim friend, instead of worshipping a false moon god called Allah, you should worship the God of the Patriarchs, prophets, and apostles. This one true God is the Father, the Son and the
    Holy Spirit. Read the New Testament for it is the true Word of God.

    Dear Truth Seekers: Please pickup a copy of the Holy Bible in Arabic and ask any of your Arabic speaking friend to read loudly the first page from the Old Testament. Keep counting how many times he reads the word "Allah"? I guarantee, it is at least half a dozen times. If "Allah" of the Holy Qur'an is the "moon-god", what is "Allah" of the Holy Bible? I hope Dr. Morey has an answer!!!

    A Christian reader responded to me, after reading the article on "moon-god" that the "Muslim Rulers" were so ruthless that they would not allow the circulation of any Bible in Arabic that would dare substitute the word "Allah" with any other word. I asked him; what about the copies that are being presently published and circulated from North America and Europe? Needless to mention, he did not respond.

    The Home Of The Research And Education Foundation should rather first undertake the job collecting copies of the "tainted" Arabic Bible from their fellow Christians and replacing them with copies that have no trace of "moon-god", before asking Muslims to clean their houses.

    Finally, Jesus Christ and many of his disciples spoke Aramaic. In the Aramaic language the word for the Almighty God is ‘Allaha’ and the name of Jesus is 'Iessa'. There are records of Jesus praying in Aramaic to his God 'Allaha". Was Christ also misguided by the Pagan Arabs?

    Below is the title page of
    Published by The Bible Society in Lebanon
    GNA 063 - UBS - EPF - 1997

    Below is the opening page from

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    The Holy Qur'an IS science. The Bible defies science. Science is PROOVABLE. Take your pick.

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    The above was an irrefutable proof from the Arabic Language Bible. The following web site has, besides many other convincing arguments, an irrefutable proof from the Language that Jesus spoke i.e. ARAMAIC. I hope you will enjoy a visit to:

    The word "ALLAH" is made-up of the following two syllables.
    "AL" and "ILAH". AL means THE; ILAH means GOD.
    The two together simply means "THE GOD" (without partner[s]).
    When the above two syllables, which are the two units of pronunciations forming
    the word Allah, are combined and joined together the letter "I" is unpronounced.
    The Arabic word for "Moon" is "QAMAR", as used in the heading (title)
    for Chapter 54 of the Qur'an. It is not to be found in this word "Allah" under study.

    Recently, some Christian scholars have made great efforts to publish the sketches of the Statues of the Moon God from the period of the "Pagan Arabs" who had lived before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). None is denying that. The
    Pagan Arabs had a "moon-god". But, they also had hundreds of other gods so why the "moon god". Their widely circulated and propagated argument is that the followers of Prophet Muhammad have Crescent Moon on their Mosques.

    The most important question is since when and by whom? More than six centuries after the passing away of the Prophet of Islam, the Crescent Moon became the symbol of the Ottoman Empire (founded in 1288). Look at the read flag of the modern day Turkey with the white Crescent, the historical seat of the Ottoman Empire. If Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), was truly preaching the worship of a "moon god" to his companions, he would have certainly placed the images of the "Crescent Moon" (or rather of the "Full Moon" to signify the greater glory), on the Mosques that he and his immediate followers had built in Madina and Mekkah.
    The sketches of "moon gods" do not shake the beliefs of Muslims in their Allah.

    Muslims and Jews go by the Lunar Calendar. Christians go by the Solar. Does that translate Jews too have a moon god like Muslims and Christians have a sun god?

    To visit the Home Page or to read other articles by the author, click:

    Please send your comments to author
    Akbarally Meherally at
    The Holy Qur'an IS science. The Bible defies science. Science is PROOVABLE. Take your pick.

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    The Prophet Of Arabia As Spoken Of In The Bible "The Burden Upon Arabia" - Isaiah xxi. 13.

    The present barren period of classical scholarship, together with the increasing paucity of our knowledge of ancient languages, has crippled modern taste in its efforts to appreciate any such attempts as I intend to make in that direction. The following pages have produced a series of most able articles from the Rev. Professor 'Abdu 'l-Ahad Dawud, but I wonder if there are many, even among the hierarchy of the Christian Church, who could follow the erudite exposition of the learned Professor. All the more do I wonder when he seeks to carry his readers into a labyrinth of languages, dead and done with thousands of years ago. What about Aramaic, when very few even among the Clergy are able to understand the Vulgate and the original Greek version of the New Testament? More especially when our researches are based simply upon Greek and Latin etymology! Whatever may be the value of such dissertations in the eye's of others we, nowadays, are absolutely incapable of appreciating them from the angle of erudition; for the oracular ambiguity attached to the prophetic utter- ances to which I allude makes them elastic enough to cover any case. The "least" in the prophecy of St. John the Baptist may not be the son of Mary, though he was looked upon as such contemptuously by his own tribe. The Holy Carpenter came from humble parentage. He was shouted down, mocked and discredited; he was belittled and made to appear the "least" in the public estimation by the Scribes and Pharisees. The excess of zeal displayed by his followers in the second and third centuries A.D., which was ever prone to jump at anything in the form of a prophecy in the Bible, would naturally induce them to believe that their Lord was the person alluded to by the Baptist.

    However, there is another difficulty in the way. How can a person rely on the testimony of a book admittedly filled with folk-lore? The genuineness of the Bible has univer- sally been questioned. Without going into the question of its genuineness, we may at least say that we cannot depend on its statements concerning Jesus and his miracles. Some even go so far as to assert that his existence as an historical person is questionable, and that on the authority of the Gospels it would be dangerous to arrive at any apparently safe conclusion in this matter. A Christian of the Funda- mentalist type cannot well say anything against my statement of the case. If "stray sentences" and detached words in the Old Testament can be singled out by synoptic writers as applicable to Jesus, the comments of the learned writer of these erudite and absorbing articles must command every respect and appreciation even from the Clergy. I write in the same strain, but I have tried to base my arguments on portions of the Bible which hardly allow of any linguistic dispute. I would not go to Latin, Greek, or Aramaic, for that would be useless: I just give the following quotation in the very words of the Revised Version as published by the British and Foreign Bible Society.

    We read the following words in the Book of Deuteronomy chapter xviii. verse 18: "I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee; and I will put my words in his mouth." If these words do not apply to Prophet Muhammad, they still remain unfulfilled. Prophet Jesus himself never claimed to be the Prophet alluded to. Even his disciples were of the same opinion: they looked to the second coming of Jesus for the fulfillment of the prophecy. So far it is undisputed that the first coming of Jesus was not the advent of the "prophet like unto thee," and his second advent can hardly fulfill the words. Jesus, as is believed by his Church, will appear as a Judge and not as a law-giver; but the promised one has to come with a "fiery law" in "his right hand."

    In ascertaining the personality of the promised prophet the other prophecy of Moses is, however, very helpful where it speaks of the shining forth of God from Paran, the mountain of Mecca. The words in the Book of Deuteronomy, chapter xxxiii. verse 2, run as follows: "The Lord came from Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto them; he shined forth from mount Paran, and he came with ten thousands of saints; from his right hand went a fiery law for them."

    In these words the Lord has been compared with the sun. He comes from Sinai, he rises from Seir, but he shines in his full glory from Paran, where he had to appear with ten thousands of saints with a fiery law in his right hand. None of the Israelites, including Jesus, had anything to do with Paran. Hagar, with her son Ishmael, wandered in the wilderness of Beersheba, who afterwards dwelt in the wilder- ness of Paran (Gen. xxi. 21). He married an Egyptian woman, and through his first-born, Kedar, gave descent to the Arabs who from that time till now are the dwellers of the wilderness of Paran. And if Prophet Muhammad admittedly on all hands traces his descent to Ishmael through Kedar and he appeared as a prophet in the wilderness of Paran and re- entered Mecca with ten thousand saints and gave a fiery law to his people, is not the prophecy above-mentioned fulfilled to its very letter?

    The words of the prophecy in Habakkuk are especially noteworthy. His (the Holy One from Paran) glory covered the heavens and the earth was full of his praise. The word "praise" is very significant, as the very name Muhammad literally means "the praised one." Besides the Arabs, the inhabitants of the wilderness of Paran had also been promised a Revelation: "Let the wilderness and the cities thereof lift up their voice, the villages that Kedar doth inhabit: let the inhabitants of the rock sing, let them shout from the top of the mountains. Let them give glory unto the Lord, and declare His praise in the islands. The Lord shall go forth as a mighty man, he shall stir up jealousy like a man of war, he shall cry, yea, roar; he shall prevail against his enemies" (Isaiah).

    In connection with it there are two other prophecies worthy of note where references have been made to Kedar. The one runs thus in chapter 1x. of Isaiah: "Arise, shine for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee ... The multitude of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah; all they from Sheba shall come.. All the flocks of Kedar shall be gathered together unto thee, the rams of Nebaioth shall minister unto thee: they shall come up with acceptance on mine altar, and I will glorify the house of my glory" (1-7). The other prophecy is again in Isaiah "The burden upon Arabia. In the forest in Arabia shall ye lodge, O ye travelling companies of Dedanim. The inhabitants of the land of Tema brought water to him that was thirsty, they prevented with their bread him that fled. For they fled from the swords and from the bent bow, and from the grievousness of war. For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Within a year, according to the years of an hireling, and all the glory of Kedar shall fail: And the residue of the number of archers, the mighty of the children of Kedar, shall be diminished" Read these prophecies in Isaiah in the light of one in Deutero- nomy which speaks of the shining forth of God from Paran. If Ishmael inhabited the wilderness of Paran, where he gave birth to Kedar, who is the ancestor of the Arabs; and if the sons of Kedar had to receive revelation from God; if the flocks of Kedar had to come up with acceptance to a Divine altar to glorify "the house of my glory" where the darkness had to cover the earth for some centuries, and then that very land had to receive light from God; and if all the glory of Kedar had to fail and the number of archers, the mighty men of the children of Kedar, had to diminish within a year after the one fled from the swords and from the bent bows - the Holy One from Paran (Habakkuk iii 3 ) is no one else than Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad is the holy offspring of Ishmael through Kedar, who settled in the wilderness of Paran. Muhammad is the only Prophet through whom the Arabs received revelation at the time when the darkness had covered the earth. Through him God shone from Paran, and Mecca is the only place where the House of God is glorified and the flocks of Kedar come with acceptance on its altar. Prophet Muhammad was persecuted by his people and had to leave Mecca. He was thirsty and fled from the drawn sword and the bent bow, and within a year after his flight the descen- dants of Kedar meet him at Badr, the place of the first battle between the Meccans and the Prophet, the children of Kedar and their number of archers diminish and all the glory of Kedar fails. If the Holy Prophet is not to be accepted as the fulfillment of all these prophecies they will still remain unfulfilled. "The house of my glory" referred to in Isaiah lX is the house of God in Mecca and not the Church of Christ as thought by Christian commentators. The flocks of Kedar, as mentioned in verse 7, have never come to the Church of Christ; and it is a fact that the villages of Kedar and their inhabitants are the only people in the whole world who have remained impenetrable to any influence of the Church of Christ. Again, the mention of 10,000 saints in Deutero- nomy xxx 3 is very significant. He (God) shined forth from Paran, and he came with 10,000 of saints. Read the whole history of the wilderness of Paran and you will find no other event but when Mecca was conquered by the Prophet. He comes with 10,000 followers from Medina and re-enters "the house of my glory." He gives the fiery law to the world, which reduced to ashes all other laws. The Comforter - the Spirit of Truth - spoken of by Prophet Jesus was no other than Prophet Muhammad himself. It cannot be taken as the Holy Ghost, as the Church theology says. "It is expe- dient for you that I go away," says Jesus, "for if I go not away the Comforter will not come unto you, but if I depart I will send him unto you." The words clearly show that the Comforter had to come after the departure of Jesus, and was not with him when he uttered these words. Are we to pre- sume that Jesus was devoid of the Holy Ghost if his coming was conditional on the going of Jesus: besides, the way in which Jesus describes him makes him a human being, not a ghost. "He shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear that he shall speak." Should we presume that the Holy Ghost and God are two distinct entities and that the Holy Ghost speaks of himself and also what he hears from God? The words of Jesus clearly refer to some messenger from God. He calls him the Spirit of Truth, and so the Qur'an speaks of Prophet Muhammad, "No, indeed, he has brought the truth, and confirmed the Messengers." Ch.37:37
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    The Holy Qur'an IS science. The Bible defies science. Science is PROOVABLE. Take your pick.

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    Science proves that the Holy Qur'an is the Word of God!

    Allah Almighty promising to show us His Miracles in the outside Universe and in our Embryology:

    "We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and INSIDE THEIR SELVES, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your Lord that He is a witness over all things? (The Noble Quran, 41:53)"

    Very Important Discovery:

    A new star forming out of a cloud of gas and dust (nebula), which is one of the remnants of the "smoke" that was the origin of the whole universe. (The Space Atlas, Heather and Henbest, page 50)
    Allah Almighty said: "Then He turned to the heaven when it was smoke...(The Noble Quran, 41:11)"
    The Noble Quran on the Origin of the Universe
    Only Islam claims that the universe was originated from Dust and Hot Gas, or Smoke.

    Another Very Important Discovery:

    Hubble telescope image of the cat's eye nabula, an exploding star 3,000 light years away.
    Allah Almighty Said: "And when the heaven splitteth asunder and becometh ROSY LIKE RED HIDE - (The Noble Quran, 55:37)"
    What Allah Almighty is Saying here is that when Galaxies explode, they form a red-rose-shaped explosion. He is also telling us that the Universe will all turn into red exploded galaxies looking like red or reddish roses when the Day of Judgement happens.

    The explosion of Stars (FORMING RED ROSES), Galaxies and the Universe in the Noble Quran had been confirmed by NASA.

    The amazing creation of earth and IRON in the Noble Quran

    It's been scientifically proven that Iron was indeed sent to earth from space as Meteoroids. Iron was never created or formed from earthly material like other metals were.

    Several points to notice here:

    1- Allah Almighty in Noble Verse 57:25 Said that He sent down Iron from space. This had been scientifically proven to be true; that iron did indeed come from outer space.

    2- In Noble 39:6 was referencing Noble Verse 6:143. By the way, the Name of Noble Chapter 6 is "Al-An'am" (the Cattle), which talks in details about the animals created for our human service.

    3- In Noble Verse 39:6, Allah Almighty Said that He sent down to us eight pairs of cattles. The same Noble Verse is also talking about our Creation and formation in our mothers' wombs in three different stages. It is therefore clear that Allah Almighty talked about the creation of those eight pairs of cattles when He referred to them.

    4- The animals sent to earth are not just limited to the eight pairs of cattle. The reason why the eight pairs were only mentioned is because Noble Verse 39:6 was making reference to Noble Verse 6:143 which is a whole Noble Chapter dedicated to talking about the animals created for our human service.

    5- Science has proven, as we will see in great details below, that life of the animals did come from space.

    6- Since Allah Almighty was speaking about Life and the formation of physical bodies in the wombs in Noble Verse 39:6, then we will see the Truth about how the cattles that were sent from space were developed and formed here on earth.
    The Holy Qur'an IS science. The Bible defies science. Science is PROOVABLE. Take your pick.

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    Life originated from water in the Noble Quran:

    The sections of this article are:

    - The origin of life in the Noble Quran.
    - The Bible never mentioned that life originated from water.
    - Articles and links of official web sites that confirm the Noble Quran's claims.

    Allah Almighty in the Noble Quran makes very important scientific claims:

    "He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days - and His Throne was over the waters - that He might try you, which of you is best in conduct. But if thou wert to say to them, "Ye shall indeed be raised up after death", the Unbelievers would be sure to say, "This is nothing but obvious sorcery!" (The Noble Quran, 11:7)"

    "Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe? (The Noble Quran, 21:30)"

    "It is He Who has created man from water: then has He established relationships of lineage and marriage: for thy Lord has power (over all things). (The Noble Quran, 25:54)"

    "And God has created every animal from water: of them there are some that creep on their bellies; some that walk on two legs; and some that walk on four. God creates what He wills for verily God has power over all things. (The Noble Quran, 24:45)"

    "Protoplasm is the basis of all living matter, and 'the vital power of protoplasm seems to depend on the constant presence of water' (Lowsons' Text-book of Botany, Indian Edition. London 1922, p. 23). Text books of Zoology are also clear on the point. For example, see T.J. Parker and W.A. Haswell, Textbook of Zoology, London, 1910, Vol I. p. 15: 'Living protoplasm always contains a large amount of water.' " [2]

    "About 72 percent of the surface of our Globe is still covered with water, and it has been estimated that if the inequalities of the surface were all leveled, the whole surface would be under water, as the mean elevation of land sphere-level would be 7,000-10,000 feet below the surface of the ocean (cf. 11:7). This shows the predominance of water on our Globe. That all life began in the water is also a conclusion to which our latest knowledge in biological science points. Apart from the fact that protoplasm, the original basis of living matter, is liquid or semi-liquid and in a state of constant flux and instability, there is the fact that land animals, like the higher vertebrates, including man, show, in their embryological history, organs like those of fishes, indicating the watery origin of their original habitat. The constitution of protoplasm is about 80 to 85 percent water (see also 24:30-31 and 24:45)." [3]

    The Bible never mentioned that life originated from water:

    For those who say that "Muhammad stole from the Bible", the Bible never said that life originated from water. In fact, the Bible says that water was created along with other things such as "light", "darkness", "dry land", "sky", "animals", "vegetation", etc..., and it is used for aiding life such as the animals and vegetations:

    From the NIV Bible, Genesis 1:1-20:

    Genesis 1

    The Beginning

    1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
    2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
    3 And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.
    4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.
    5 God called the light "day," and the darkness he called "night." And there was evening, and there was morning-the first day.
    6 And God said, "Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water."
    7 So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. And it was so.
    8 God called the expanse "sky." And there was evening, and there was morning-the second day.
    9 And God said, "Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear." And it was so.
    10 God called the dry ground "land," and the gathered waters he called "seas." And God saw that it was good.
    11 Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds." And it was so.
    12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.
    13 And there was evening, and there was morning-the third day.
    14 And God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years,
    15 and let them be lights in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth." And it was so.
    16 God made two great lights-the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.
    17 God set them in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth,
    18 to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good.
    19 And there was evening, and there was morning-the fourth day.
    20 And God said, "Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky."

    Please be advised that the following analysis and comments are not meant to criticize the Bible or to prove it wrong. They are only meant to prove that Islam's claims are indeed unique and didn't exist in the Bible before.

    Some analysis to the verses above:

    1- In Genesis 1:1-2, and Genesis 1:6-9 we see that GOD Almighty created the Heavens and the Earth, and the Heavens were filled with water. GOD created "expanse" to separate the waters in the Heaven. He called the expanse a "sky". Then GOD gathered all of the water under the sky in one place on Earth and then created dry land and made seas from the water. And GOD saw that it was good. The Earth was originally made of water.

    2- In Genesis 1:20, we see that GOD made water teem or prosper with the living creatures.

    Even though the Bible is correct about the Earth being initially a liquid planet before land ever existed if we were to interpret Genesis 1:2 as such even though it doesn't really directly say so especially in Genesis 1:9 "Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.", which could be interpreted as WATER WAS COVERING LAND WHEN GOD'S SPIRIT WAS HOVERING OVER THE WATERS (Genesis 1:2), AND NOT NECESSARILY EARTH WAS ALL 100% WATER, but no where does it mention that life of any animal or human being originated from water. The Bible seems to suggest that water was created first since "the Spirit of GOD was hovering over it" , and then GOD Almighty created light, darkness, sky, vegetation, animals, made land appear etc....., but never did the Bible claim that the life of any human being or animal was created from water. The Bible suggests that animals were created by GOD Almighty without the use of water. He just said "let there be animals", and there was animals.

    According to the verses above, the relationship between the water and animals for instance, is the same thing between the animals and the vegetation or any other creation. The Bible talks about water as a solo creation of GOD that had nothing to do with the creation of anything else. The Bible claims that on some spots on Earth that were occupied by water, he created land, and then vegetations and then animals, etc.... So this doesn't prove at all that the Bible claims that animal and human life was originated from water.

    And also, if we were to assume from the Bible that the Universe originated from water, then we would be in grave scientific error. The Universe out side earth did not originate from water. It originated from Hot Smoke or Hot Gas, in which also amazingly was mentioned in the Noble Quran.

    I just want to make it clear that the Quranic scientific claims are much more accurate than the ones in the Bible. The Noble Quran was crystal clear in claiming that life originated from water. The Bible simply wasn't and never made such claim.
    The Holy Qur'an IS science. The Bible defies science. Science is PROOVABLE. Take your pick.

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    The Noble Quran confirms that the earth is rotating around its axle:

    The sections of this article are:

    1- The mistranslation of Noble Verse 27:88.
    2- Allah Almighty did say that all of the objects in the Universes are swimming in space.
    3- The Scientific Miracle.
    4- The overlapping of the Day and Night around the Earth.
    5- The earth was created as "egg-shaped" in the Noble Quran.
    6- Why didn't Allah Almighty make a straight forward claim then? Why give an example
    between clouds and mountains to prove the "earth rotating around its axle" theory?
    7- The Bible and the Hindu scriptures say earth is flat.
    8- Conclusion.

    The mistranslation of Noble Verse 27:88:

    Let us look at what Allah Almighty said in the Noble Quran:

    "Thou seest the mountains and thinkest them firmly fixed: but they shall pass away as the clouds pass away: (such is) the artistry of God, who disposes of all things in perfect order: for he is well acquainted with all that ye do. (The Noble Quran, 27:88)"

    There is a little mistranslation of this Noble Verse. The Arabic version of "....but they shall pass away as the clouds pass away...." says "....wahiya tamurru marra alsahabi....."

    wa = and, but.
    hiya = it, she, they.
    tamurru = pass.
    marra = "like the passing of", "pass like", "pass as".
    al = the.
    sahabi = clouds.

    Noble Verse 27:88 should literally read as: "Thou seest the mountains and thinkest them firmly fixed: but they pass like the passing of the clouds: (such is) the artistry of God, who disposes of all things in perfect order: for he is well acquainted with all that ye do. (The Noble Quran, 27:88)"

    I am an Arabic speaking person, and I testify that my translation is 100% accurate and Truthful. This is actually further verified and proved in other literal translations:

    Translation of Pickthall:
    And thou seest the hills thou deemest solid flying with the flight of clouds: the doing of Allah Who perfecteth all things. Lo! He is Informed of what ye do.

    Translation of Khalifa:
    When you look at the mountains, you think that they are standing still. But they are moving, like the clouds. Such is the manufacture of GOD, who perfected everything. He is fully Cognizant of everything you do.

    Translation of Palmer:
    And thou shalt see the mountains, which thou dost deem solid, pass away like the passing of the clouds;- the work of God who orders all things; verily, He is well aware of what ye do!

    Allah Almighty did say that all of the objects in the Universes are swimming in space:

    Allah Almighty said that all of the objects of the Universe are swimming; each in its orbit:

    "It is He who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, all (the celestial bodies) swim along, each in its orbit with its own motion. (The Noble Quran, 21:33)"

    For more information and other Noble Verses, please visit:

    Science in the Noble Quran and Islam.

    The Earth is round according to Islam.

    The Scientific Miracle:

    Why did Allah Almighty say in the Noble Quran that the mountains pass like the clouds in the sky do? We all know that to humans, the earth doesn't really move. Everything is standing still, except during the times of earth quakes.

    So what is the purpose from Allah Almighty telling us that the mountains are moving? By the way, the "mountains" here is not just limited to mountains, but rather it includes the whole ground we're standing on, since like I said, to us humans, the earth doesn't move, except during the times of earth quakes. And the mountains are obviously connected with the ground.

    By the way, clouds never really move away. They only rotate around the earth and travel above the earth; above land to land. So if the mountains (the whole ground of earth since the mountains are part of earth) are "moving, like the clouds", then this means that the earth is also moving in circle around its axle.

    So, why didn't Allah Almighty just say so? Allah Almighty 1500 years ago did not want to make irrational and CRAZY statements that would've been refused and considered as absurd and utter nonsense to the people who lacked a great deal of knowledge about astronomy and geology. The Miracle of the Noble Quran is that while Allah Almighty made the statement in Noble Verse 27:88 acceptable to the people back then, He also included the scientific claim in it for us today, and told us that the earth does indeed move around its axle.

    In fact, Allah Almighty specifically said that in the Noble Quran:

    "And the earth We have spread out; set thereon mountains firm and immovable; and produced therein all kinds of things in due balance. (The Noble Quran, 15:19)"

    "He created the heavens [sky] without any pillars that ye can see; He set on the earth mountains standing firm, lest it should shake with you; and He scattered through it beasts of all kinds. we send down rain from the sky, and produce on the earth every kind of noble creature, in pairs. (The Noble Quran, 31:10)"

    "And He has set up on the earth mountains standing firm, lest it should shake with you; and rivers and roads; that ye may guide yourselves, and marks and signposts and by the stars (men) guide themselves. (The Noble Quran, 16:15-16)"

    Figure 8 (Click here to enlarge)
    The mountains, like pegs, have deep roots embedded in the ground. (Anatomy of the Earth, Cailleux, p. 220)
    Allah Almighty said: "Have We not made the earth as a bed, and the mountains as pegs? (The Noble Quran, 78:6-7)"
    He the Almighty also said: "And He has set firm mountains in the earth so it would not shake with you....(The Noble Quran, 16:15)"

    Please visit: The amazing creation of earth and mountains in the Noble Quran. Science confirms that mountains prevent the earth from shaking while it is revolving around its axle. The Noble Quran made a similar claim.

    So, why did Allah Almighty say in the Noble Quran 1500 years ago that the earth is moving like the clouds?

    Because the earth was scientifically proven to rotate around its axle:

    "The day is defined to be the time between one dawn (or noon) and the next' i.e., the day is defined with respect to the position of the Sun in the sky. Now, the earth revolves around the sun in the sky and so the time taken for the Sun to come to the same position in the sky is longer than the time taken for the Earth to rotate once around itself. You can convince yourself about this by drawing a picture of the Earth in orbit around the Sun and rotating around itself at the same time.

    So, the Earth's rotation period is actually 4 minutes less than what we call as one day. As a result of this, the Sun's position in the sky at noon is roughly fixed, but the stars slowly drift apart. So, the stars which are overhead at midnight today will slowly move in the sky until they will be overhead at noon 6 months apart.

    If instead we defined a day to be the time taken by the Earth to rotate round itself exactly once, then as you mention, the Sun will be overhead on some day at midnight."


    The overlapping of the Day and Night around the Earth:

    The overlapping of the Day over the Night and the Night over the Day is a helpful claim to Noble Verse 27:88 above. Let us look at the following Noble Verse:

    "He created the heavens and the earth in true (proportions): He makes the Night overlap the Day, and the Day overlap the Night: He has subjected the sun and the moon (to His law): Each one follows a course for a time appointed. Is not He the Exalted in Power - He Who forgives again and again? (The Noble Quran, 39:5)"

    The earth was created as "egg-shaped" in the Noble Quran:

    Please visit: Allah Almighty said that the earth is "egg-shaped".

    The Earth is round according to Islam.

    Why didn't Allah Almighty make a straight forward claim then?

    Why did Allah Almighty give an example between clouds and mountains to prove the "earth rotating around its axle" theory? Why didn't He just make a clear and direct statement?

    The reason why Allah Almighty might not have said it as clear and straight forward is because it would've been impossible for people back then to have accepted Islam if the Noble Quran contained "crazy" claims in it. So, while Noble Verse 27:88 did not sound crazy to Muslims 1500 years ago, it is most definitely an accurate Scientific Statement to us today.

    Allah Almighty purposely made the Noble Quran for all times and all places. And He purposely DID NOT make every Noble Verse be possible for interpretation 1500 years ago. Let's look at an example:

    "Over it are Nineteen. And We have set none but angels as Guardians of the Fire; and We have fixed their number only as a trial for Unbelievers,- in order that the People of the Book may arrive at certainty, and the Believers may increase in Faith,- and that no doubts may be left for the People of the Book and the Believers, and that those in whose hearts is a disease and the Unbelievers may say, 'What symbol doth God intend by this?' Thus doth God leave to stray whom He pleaseth, and guide whom He pleaseth: and none can know the forces of thy Lord, except He and this is no other than a warning to mankind. (The Noble Quran, 74:30-31)"

    So, while the number 19 was impossible to interpret 1500 years ago in Noble Verses 74:30-31, but by the Will of Allah Almighty, it became clear to us today. The number 19 was proven to be a fundamental and very important number in the Computer technology today, and adding to that, the Noble Quran's numerical codes are all based on the number 19, which only the computer machine was able to calculate and figure out!

    Please visit: The number 19 is miraculous in the Noble Quran and was proven to be essential in many of the Scientific Theories and Discoveries, for more details.

    The Bible and the Hindu scriptures say earth is flat and immovable:

    The Bible suggests that the earth is a flat disc (flat circle) standing on pillars:

    "He set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved. (From the NIV Bible, Psalm 104:5)"

    "He shakes the earth from its place and makes its pillars tremble. (From the NIV Bible, Job 9:6)"

    "Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation? Tell me, if you understand. (From the NIV Bible, Job 38:4)"

    "that it might take the earth by the edges and shake the wicked out of it? (From the NIV Bible, Job 38:13)"

    "He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in. (From the NIV Bible, Isaiah 40:22)" The earth being a "circle" means it is a flat disc. And with the verses above, the earth in the Bible is a flat disc standing on pillars.

    The Hindu pagan scriptures suggest that the earth is immovable:

    "Sabita made this Earth fixed by different devices (like hills and mountains) and sustains sky without pillars so that it does not move" [RIK VEDA]

    "The sky is immovable, the Earth is immovable and these mountains are also immovable" [RIK VEDA 10-173-4]


    Since Allah Almighty claimed that the ground we're standing on is moving like the clouds do, and the Day overlaps the Night and the Night overlaps the Day, and the earth is "egg-shaped" (Dahaha, in Arabic), and all of the Universe's objects (celestial bodies) are swimming in their orbits, then this clearly proves that Allah Almighty clearly claimed that the earth is rotating around its axle.

    While the Bible and the Hindu scriptures declared false and embarrassing claims about astronomy and earth, the Noble Quran made ample claims that were proven to be accurate and Truthful today.

    Also as we saw above, the Noble Quran is truly for all times and all places. What ever science discovers and proves, we almost always end up finding it ahead of us in the Noble Quran.
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    The Holy Qur'an IS science. The Bible defies science. Science is PROOVABLE. Take your pick.

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    Trust me, I have TONS more!! And most of it comes from the Bible and scientific FACT! Imagine that!
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    The Holy Qur'an IS science. The Bible defies science. Science is PROOVABLE. Take your pick.

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    The muslim Holy book(The Quran), stated over 1400 years ago that you will know its meaning after some time.Today science may have just explained the meaning of some of these Quranic verses. Allah(The Creator) states in the Quran that only those with knowledge will (understand his signs thus) fear His displeasure.

    There are reported to be more than 900 (Nine Hundred) verses in the Holy Quran as related to relatively new scientific discoveries which were miraculously stated as facts over 1400 years ago. As to mention some of these:

    The Qur'an, Knowledge, and Science
    A. Abd-Allah

    Note: All translations of the Qur'an in this article are based on several translators including Yusuf Ali, Marmaduke Pickthal, T. B. Irving, and N. J. Dawood. However, there are some differences which the author felt made the English closer to the Arabic. The author is indebted to Dr. M. Zerroug for reviewing this article.

    The Description of Knowledge in the Qur'an and by the Prophet (saas)

    There are plenty of references to knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge in the Qur'an. The general feeling they leave the reader with is that the possessor of knowledge or wisdom has been given a very powerful gift, and that the pursuit of knowledge is something which should be done actively by everyone. Here are a few verses on the subject:

    [96:1-5] Read! In the name of your Lord who created - Created the human from something which clings. Read! And your Lord is Most Bountiful - He who taught (the use of) the Pen, Taught the human that which he knew not.

    These five verses make up the first passage revealed from the Qur'an to mankind through the Prophet Muhammad (saas). It is interesting that of all the things which Allah chose to begin His revelation with is related to the actions of reading and writing, especially the latter. The ability to write and store information is described by Professor Carl Sagan in his book COSMOS: "Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people, citizens of distant epochs, who never knew one another. Books break the shackles of time, proof that humans can work magic." [21]

    [2:269] He [Allah] grants wisdom to whom He pleases; and he to whom wisdom is granted indeed receives a benefit overflowing. But none will grasp the Message except men of understanding.

    [20:114] High above all is Allah, the King, the Truth. Do not be in haste with the Qur'an before its revelation to you is completed, but say, "O my Sustainer! Increase my knowledge."

    [3:190-191] Verily in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day - there are indeed signs for men of understanding; Men who remember Allah, standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and contemplate the creation of the heavens and the earth (with the thought) "Our Lord! Not for nothing have You created (all) this. Glory to You! Give us salvation from the suffering of the Fire."

    These verses are a clear demonstration that 'science' and 'religion' were NOT meant to be fundamentally incompatible with each other by Allah. In fact, verses [3:190-191] strongly imply that "contemplating" the world around us is an integral part of faith.

    [29:20] Say: Travel through the earth and see how Allah originated creation; so will Allah produce the second creation (of the Afterlife): for Allah has power over all things.

    There are also references in the Qur'an describing the value (in the sight of Allah) of a knowledgeable person as opposed to an ignorant person. They are not equal:

    [39:9] ...Say: Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know? It is those who are endued with understanding that remember (Allah's Message).

    [58:11] ...Allah will raise up to (suitable) ranks (and degrees) those of you who believe and who have been granted knowledge.

    The first source of Islam is the Qur'an - and we have seen some verses above on the subject of knowledge. The second source is the life of Prophet Muhammad (saas). Here are a few of the Prophet's sayings on the subject of knowledge:

    "Upon a person whom Allah desires good, He bestows the knowledge of faith." - from the hadith collections of Bukhari and Muslim

    "A person who follows a path for acquiring knowledge, Allah will make easy the passage to Paradise for him." - from the collection of Muslim

    "A Muslim is never satiated in his quest for good (knowledge) till it ends in Paradise." - from the collection of Tirmidhi

    The Relationship Between the Qur'an and Modern Science

    Modern scientific theory today finds itself quite close to the Qur'an. There are at least two reasons behind this observation. The first is the lack of inconsistencies between the Qur'an and observable natural phenomena. Science has not been able to produce theories or experiments that fundamentally contradict the Qur'an. Had our science done so, either our understanding of the Qur'an or of the world would have been to blame: the Qur'an itself is true for all times. The second reason for the remarkable harmony between the Qur'an and science is the presence in the Qur'an itself of very clear and positive encouragement to contemplate and investigate the world around us. As the verses quoted above indicate, Allah has not forbidden man to question, and in fact, it seems He wants us to do so.

    However, the Qur'an goes beyond simply encouraging all human beings to be aware of the natural world. It also contains widely dispersed references on a variety of subjects which are not only scientifically accurate, but in some cases, quite advanced relative to the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saas). For the Muslim who reads and understands these references, they serve to strengthen his or her faith of course. For the non-Muslim who questions the authenticity or authorship of the Qur'an, these references provide some interesting answers. One possible reason for these Qur'anic verses which describe the natural world can be found in the following verse:

    [41:53] Soon will We show them Our Signs in the (farthest) horizons, and within themselves, until it becomes manifest to them that it is the Truth...

    The historical event which this verse alludes to is the conquest of Makkah. However, almost every verse in the Qur'an carries a historical and a universal meaning, and therefore one possible interpretation of this verse is that it refers to the gradual discovery of greater and greater natural "evidence" of the Creator's involvement in our world. Two of the most important and most fascinating goals of modern science are to peer farther and farther out to the edge of the universe, and to look deeper and deeper into the structure of the human body. It is in these two areas that we find the "signature" of Allah's creative power at its strongest.
    A Selection of Qur'anic Verses which Comment on the Natural World

    A. - On the ongoing process of creation

    [16:8] ...and He creates other things beyond your knowledge...

    [24:45] ...Allah creates what He wills...

    These two verses, among others, indicate that Allah has not 'finished' creation; rather, it is an ongoing process. This is very significant from a scientific point of view because we are gradually beginning to observe and understand certain natural phenomena which are still in a process of formation. One prime example is our observation of still- emerging galaxies from huge clouds of nebulae. Another is the evolution of species, with its associated evidence of strange and exotic "intermediate" life forms turned into fossils. These two examples are just the tip of the iceberg; the following excerpt from the physicist Paul Davies' book The Cosmic Blueprint underscores the growing awareness of continuous creation:

    "An increasing number of scientists and writers have come to realize that the ability of the physical world to organize itself constitutes a fundamental, and deeply mysterious, property of the universe. The fact that nature has creative power, and is able to produce a progressively richer variety of complex forms and structures, challenges the very foundation of contemporary science. 'The greatest riddle of cosmology,' writes Karl Popper, the well-known philosopher, 'may well be...that the universe is, in a sense, creative.'" [21]

    B. - On pollution and the wasting of natural resources

    [30:41] Rottenness (decay/corruption) has appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of men have earned, that (Allah) may give them a taste of some of their deeds, in order that they may turn back (from evil).

    [7:31] O Children of Adam! Wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer; eat and drink, but waste not by excess, for Allah does not love those who waste.

    The importance of understanding the ecological consequences of our actions as individuals or as a society was not fully appreciated until this century. We now understand that we cannot alter the face of the earth indiscriminately without paying some penalty, which may be disastrous. We also understand that caution ought to be applied globally, not just locally but truly "on land and sea". Ecological awareness does not imply asceticism however. According to the Qur'an, we are not forbidden to take pleasure in this life, however we are forbidden from wasting resources needlessly.
    C. - On the dual nature of iron

    [57:25] ...And We sent down iron in which is mighty harm, as well as many benefits for mankind...

    Iron is one of two metals found abundantly on the earth (aluminum being the other). It was known to many ancient civilizations, and is the most important metal we use today. The general description of it in the Qur'an was accurate in the time of the ancients, and it is even more so today: iron is the basis for most weapons of war and most of the everyday tools which we work with.
    D. - On the origin of life in water

    [21:30] ...And We made every living thing from water...

    [24:45] And Allah has created every animal from water...

    Modern scientific theory on the origin of life was not firmly established up until the last two or three centuries. Prior to that, the predominant theory on the origin of life was based on a concept called "spontaneous generation" where living creatures literally popped out of inanimate matter spontaneously and continuously. This view was discredited with the work of many Renaissance scientists including Harvey and Redi, and in the 1850's, Louis Pasteur's research on bacteriology sealed the coffin on this theory. Starting with the work of Huxley up to the present day, an alternative theory has been proposed where life is understood to have emerged from a long, increasingly complex chain of chemical reactions. These reactions are believed to have begun in the depths of the oceans because the atmosphere was not sufficiently developed to protect living organisms from ultraviolet radiation:

    " is believed that early forms of life developed in oceans or pools...It has been suggested that the colonization of land, about 425,000,000 years ago, was possible only because enough ozone was then produced to shield the surface from ultraviolet light for the first time." [20]

    This idea of life originating in the oceans is strongly supported by the two Qur'anic verses quoted above.

    It is important to note however that the Qur'an does NOT contain an exclusive endorsement for evolution. While the verses quoted above indicate beyond any doubt that Allah created all living things from water, there are many other verses that emphasize His Absolute power over everything.

    [41:39] "...For He (Allah) has power over all things."

    [3:47] "...when He has decreed a matter, He only says to it, 'Be', and it is."

    E. - On the diversity of mankind

    [30:22] And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colors; verily in that are Signs for those who know.

    [49:13] O mankind! We created you from a male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him...

    The racial and linguistic differences between humans are not meant as reasons to discriminate. Allah simply describes this diversity as a part of His creative power, and He does not single out any race as being inherently superior to the others. The emphasis in [49:13], in fact, is to learn to communicate with one another.
    F. - On the Water Cycle

    Most of us are familiar with the water cycle from our classes in middle school, where we learned how a drop of seawater evaporates, then becomes a drop of rainwater, and then finally returns to the sea via rivers or underground channels. The first person in modern times to understand this process was Bernard Palissy who described it correctly in 1580 [10]. Prior to him, most of the ancient Greek and Roman scholars had various incomplete or incorrect theories on the water cycle (Plato, for example, believed that precipitation eventually descended into the abyss called Tartarus and from there it fed into the oceans [10]).

    The Qur'an does not give a complete description of the water cycle from start to end, however there are a few precise references to specific stages. Perhaps the most fascinating of these references are the following two verses on rain clouds:

    [30:48] It is Allah Who sends the winds, and then they raise clouds: then He spreads them in the sky as He wills and makes them dark, then you see the drops issue from the midst of them...

    [24:43] Don't you see how Allah drives clouds with force, then joins them together, then makes them into a heap? - then you see the drops issue from the midst of them. And He sends down from the sky mountains (of clouds) wherein is hail: He strikes therewith whom He pleases and He turns it away from whom He pleases. The flash of His lightning well-nigh snatches away the sight.

    The two verses are describing the stages in the formation of rain clouds, which is in turn a stage in the water cycle. A close examination of these two verses suggests that they make reference to two different phenomena, one of "spreading" the clouds and the other of "joining" them together, two different processes by which rain clouds might be formed.

    Modern meteorology has come to this very conclusion within the last two centuries. [17,18,19]

    There are two types of clouds which can yield precipitation, and they are classified by their shape: stratus (layer-type) and cumulus (heap- type). The precipitative layer clouds are further subdivided into stratus and nimbostratus (nimbo meaning rain). The first verse above on rain clouds ([30:48]) precisely sums up the formation of layer rain clouds. It is known today that these types of clouds are started under conditions of gradual, rising winds:

    "...and then they [winds] raise clouds..." [30:48]

    Next, the cloud takes on its distinctive shape, that of a layer:

    "...then He spreads them..." [30:48]

    If the conditions are right (i.e. low enough temperature, high enough humidity, etc.), the cloud droplets further condense into (larger) rain droplets, and we observe this effect from the ground as a darkening of the cloud layer:

    [COLOR=Blue]"...and makes them dark..." [30:48]

    Finally, drops of rain fall from the cloud.

    "...then you see the drops issue from the midst of them..." [30:48]

    The second type of precipitative cloud is the heap type, and it is subdivided into cumulus, cumulonimbus, and stratocumulus. These clouds are characterized by being puffy-shaped and piled upon each other. Cumulus and cumulonimbus are the true heap clouds - stratocumulus is a form of degenerated, spread-out cumulus [18]. The second verse above on rain clouds ([24:43]) describes the formation of heap rain clouds. These clouds are formed under conditions of strong updrafts (thermals) and downdrafts of air:

    "...drives clouds with force..." [24:43]

    As the puffs of clouds form, they may unite into a single giant cloud, all piled up on top of one another:

    "...then joins them together, then makes them into a heap..." [24:43]

    At this point, either a cumulus or a cumulonimbus cloud has formed - either of which can yield rain. The rest of the verse is applicable to the case of a cumulonimbus (which is familiar to all of us as the towering thunderstorm cloud). If the heap cloud assumes large vertical proportions, then it can appear to the observer on the ground as a huge mountain or hill, but more importantly, by extending high into the atmosphere, the upper cloud droplets can freeze and thereby yield hail [17, 18]:

    "...And He sends down from the sky mountains (of clouds) wherein is hail..." [24:43]

    Finally, cumulonimbus clouds (i.e. thunderstorms) can have one last vivid property: lightning [17, 18]:

    "...The flash of His lightning well-nigh snatches away the sight..." [24:43]

    Other Qur'anic verses deal with more stages in the water cycle.

    [23:18] And We send down water from the sky according to (due) measure, then We cause it soak into the soil. And We are most certainly able to withdraw it.

    This is a single verse stating that rainfall is absorbed into the ground and that it can eventually be removed (drained).

    [13:17] He sends down water from the sky, and the rivers flow, each according to its measure...

    [39:21] Don't you see that Allah sends down rain from the sky, and leads it through the springs in the earth?...

    [COLOR=Navy]Two methods by which absorbed rainfall is moved are described here: surface and underground rivers.
    The Holy Qur'an IS science. The Bible defies science. Science is PROOVABLE. Take your pick.

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    There are other references in the Qur'an to the water cycle (e.g. [40:13], [23:18], [25:48], [29:63], and others) , and all of them have the same property as the verses quoted above: modern scientific findings are fully compatible with them [10].

    A few other verses also deal with water but in a slightly different context. They are not nearly as numerous as the verses on the water cycle.[/COLOR]

    [56:68-69] Do you see the water which you drink? Do you bring it down from the cloud or do We?

    This rhetorical question emphasizes our inability to fulfill one of our oldest dreams: to control the rain. The fact is we cannot make it rain unless a pre-existing cloud is in the vicinity - and then only under the proper conditions, and even then we are not assured of success. The cloud should have different sized cloud particles, a high rate of condensation from the rising air, and good vertical development. If all of these characteristics are present, then we MAY coax some more rain out through cloud seeding and various other techniques. However, modern meteorologists are unsure of its effectiveness. Regardless, it is the presence of the necessary preconditions which we have no control over, and this ultimately stops us from arbitrarily bringing down the water of any cloud in the form of rain [10].

    The following verse describes a property of large rivers.

    [25:53] It is He who has caused to mix freely the two great bodies of water, this one pleasant-tasting and sweet and this one salty and bitter, and He made between them a barrier and a forbidding ban.

    A description of the estuaries of large rivers is supplied by the verse above. These estuaries are relatively unusual because the outgoing fresh water of the river does not immediately mix with the salt water of the sea into which the river empties. Instead, the fresh water penetrates deep into the salt water body before any mixing occurs, far from the mouth of the river. Small rivers do not have this property. [10]

    Finally, one more reference to clouds.

    [52:44] And were they to see a piece of the sky falling down, they would (only) say "Heaps of clouds!"

    Another reference to clouds but this time in the context of responding to a challenge by an earlier peoples who ridiculed a prophet by asking him to cause a piece of the sky to fall on them, apparently thinking it to be a solid cap around the earth. Allah refutes their challenge here, declaring that they would only find a pile of clouds, something all of us would understand today. [10]
    G. - On Human Embryological and Fetal Development

    The Qur'an has an extensive amount of information on the growth of the human embryo and fetus, especially the former. Before presenting this information, it may be helpful to provide a brief outline of human development in the womb as modern science understands it. [10]

    1. An unfertilized egg is produced by the female, and is subsequently placed in her Fallopian tubes.
    2. The male cohabits with the female, and a single sperm cell fertilizes the egg.
    3. The fertilized egg retreats into the uterus, and attaches itself to the uterine wall.
    4. Embryological growth (roughly 3 months).
    5. Fetal growth (6 months).
    6. Birth

    We will examine some of these stages in greater detail as the verses in the Qur'an require. First, however, two verses which give a general overview of human development:

    [71:14] ...seeing that it is He (Allah) Who has created you in stages...

    [35:11] And Allah created you from dust, then from a drop...

    The first verse is a very general, yet accurate description of our creation as coming in stages (see the six-step outline above). The second verse puts some perspective on the whole affair: how man originally came from dust (Adam), and then from a drop.

    There are at least four specific details regarding human development in the Qur'an which modern science has revealed only within the last few centuries, and in some cases only in this present century. The first concerns the emission of semen:

    [75:37] Was he (man) not a drop of semen emitted?

    In spite of the large amount of liquid which can be produced by a man during human intercourse, this verse emphasizes that only a small drop of it is important.

    The second important detail in the Qur'an on human development is the description of the fertilizing liquid (i.e. semen):

    [86:6] He (man) is created from a gushing liquid.

    [76:2] We created the human from a drop which is a mixture...

    [32:8] Then He (Allah) made his (Adam's) progeny from a quintessence of a despised liquid.

    The second and third verses relate to the contents of semen. Modern science has established that semen is in fact a composition of different secretions which come from four different glands during ejaculation: the testicles, the seminal vesicles, the prostate gland, and the urinary tract glands. The actual sperm cells come from the testicles; the other three glands produce no fertilizing agents. The Qur'an goes farther than just informing us that semen is a mixture of liquids. It tells us in [32:8] that only the "quintessence" of the liquid is used (the "despised" comes from the fact that semen is emitted from the same place as urine, and thus may be despicable in some people's sight). The Arabic word for "quintessence" in this verse signifies extracting the absolute best out of something. The numbers tell the story: a normal ejaculation involves about 3 ml of fluid containing between 120,000,000 and 150,000,000 sperm cells. Of these cells, only one fertilizes the egg in the female, and this is the point which [32:8] alludes to [15].

    A third detail of human development mentioned in the Qur'an concerns the newly fertilized egg:

    [75:37-38] Was he (man) not a drop of semen emitted? Then he did become something leech-like which clings...

    Recent observations of the fertilized egg in the womb have revealed that the egg literally implants itself into the uterine wall. It "clings" in the strongest sense, and it remains like so in the early stage of development. On top of that, the developing organism acts as a leech on the female host in the sense that it draws its sustenance directly from its mother's body [10].

    Finally, the Qur'an gives a fascinating account of embryological development (the first three months) in the following verses (certain words have been transliterated directly from the Arabic):

    [23:14] ...We made the drop into an ALAQAH (leech-like structure), and then We changed the ALAQAH into a MUDGHAH (chewed-like substance), then We changed the MUDGHAH into IDHAAM (bones, skeleton), then We clothed the IDHAAM with LAHM (flesh, muscles), then We caused him to grow and come into being as another creation.

    [22:5] ...We created you out of dust, then out of a drop, then out of a MUDGHAH, partly formed and partly unformed...

    Verse [23:14] divides embryological development into four stages. The first stage picks up right after fertilization ("drop"), and is characterized by an ALAQAH or "leech-like structure" which describes how the egg implants itself into the uterus (see above). The second stage describes the embryo as evolving into a MUDGHAH which means something which has been chewed (especially a piece of meat), or which has the appearance of having been chewed. This seemingly crude description is in fact quite accurate: after the fertilized egg lodges itself in the uterus, it begins to receive its first nutrients and energy from its mother. Consequently, it begins to grow especially rapidly, and after a week or two it looks like a ragged piece of meat to the naked eye. This effect is enhanced by the development of small buds and protrusions which will eventually grow into complete organs and limbs.

    The next two stages described in verse [23:14] tell of bones being made from the MUDGHAH, followed by the "clothing" of the bones with flesh or muscles. If we follow the progress of the embryo with our own eyes, we find that after approximately four weeks, a process called 'differentiation' begins, where groups of cells within the embryo transform themselves to form certain large organs. One of the earliest structures to develop in this stage is the cartilaginous basis of the human skeleton (in subsequent months, the cartilage hardens or ossifies). It is followed soon after by the appearance of a host of other organs including muscles, ears, eyes, kidneys, heart, and more. This maintains the order described in the Qur'an. Verse [23:14] concludes with the growth of the organism in the womb (and simple growth is the primary characteristic of the fetal stage) followed by its birth.

    Verse [22:5] adds one more interesting note on the embryo. In this verse, the MUDGHAH is qualified with the phrase

    "partly formed and partly unformed."

    As alluded to above, our modern observations of embryological development have revealed how different structures and organs develop one after another through differentiation. This gives rise to unusual situations where the embryo is unevenly formed (i.e. lungs but no ears for example). [11,16]
    H. - On Cosmology

    Of all the references in the Qur'an to scientific matters, the most numerous are on the creation and structure of the universe and the earth. This area is singled out in several verses like the one below as an example of Allah's creative power:

    [45:3] Verily, in the heavens and the earth are signs for those who believe.

    For a much more detailed exposition of the Qur'an and cosmology (and science in general), interested readers should consider reading M. Bucaille's book 'The Bible, The Qur'an, and Science' [10]. Below, a brief summary of some of the more powerful verses.

    First, a verse which makes a small note regarding the age of mankind with respect to the universe:

    [76:1] Has there not been over Man a long period of Time when he was not yet a thing thought of?

    The Arabic word for "Time" in this verse is "Dahr" and it can mean either all of eternity or simply a tremendously long time. Modern science can help us understand this verse better. The first appearance of humans on this earth is estimated to have occurred on the order of one million years ago. The age of the universe, on the other hand, is estimated at roughly fifteen billion years. If we normalize the age of the universe to one day, then man would be less than six seconds old.

    The following verse deals with the creation of the heavens and the earth.

    [50:38] And We created the heavens and the earth and all between them in six days, and nothing touched us of weariness.

    Notice the sharp counterpoint to the Bible at the end of this verse regarding whether Allah "rested" after the sixth day from tiredness. However, a more subtle yet perhaps vastly more important difference is brought out when we look at the first verse in the Bible, Genesis [1:1]:

    Bible [1:1] In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

    There is no mention of "and all between them", as opposed to the Qur'an (which refers to this in several verses, no less). Modern science has just within this last century discovered that much of the mass of the universe is contained in the vast spaces between galaxies and stars (ignoring for the moment the possibility of 'dark matter' which would only make a stronger point). In spite of having only a single hydrogen atom every few cubic meters on average (interstellar material), the universe is so huge that the "empty" space may account for more of the total universe's mass than all the stars combined - at the very least, it is a significant amount. Thus, it is an important omission to leave out "all between" the earth and the other stars and galaxies ("heavens").

    As to the debate which has wracked Christianity and Judaism for centuries regarding the meaning of "six days", the word "days" in classical Arabic has a secondary meaning of a "very long time" or an "era" [12]. The Qur'an, however, presents a conclusive answer to this question via the following three verses scattered throughout the text:

    [22:47] And yet they ask you to hasten on the Punishment! But Allah will not fail in His promise. Verily a Day in the sight of your Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning.

    [32:5] He (Allah) directs (all) affairs from the heavens to the earth: in the end will (all affairs) go up to Him on a Day the space whereof will be (as) a thousand years of your reckoning.

    [70:4] The angels and the Spirit ascend to Him in a Day the space whereof is (as) fifty thousand years.

    It is clear from these verses that a "day" in the Qur'an can easily have different meanings in different contexts, and is thus not constrained to mean a strict 24-hour period.

    The next two verses address certain details of creation.

    [21:30] Don't those who reject faith see that the heavens and the earth were a single entity then We ripped them apart?...

    [41:11] Moreover, He applied His design to the heavens, while it was (yet) vapor,and He said to it and to the earth, "Come (into being), willingly or unwillingly." They said, "We do come in obedience."

    Verse [21:30] foreshadows the modern cosmological theory known as the Big Bang theory wherein all matter is presumed to have originated from a violent explosion. Verse [41:11] refers to a later stage in creation, one in which a cosmologist would describe the universe as filled with a nebulous gas undergoing a slow coalescence into gross structures such as clusters, galaxies, stars, and so on. The words of these two verses may seem coarse and simplistic to the modern eye, but this does not detract from their general accuracy.

    Then there are verses that speak of the sun and the moon.

    [25:61] Blessed is He Who put in the heavens constellations, and put in it a lamp and a light-giving moon.

    This verse emphasizes the sun as a direct source of light ("lamp"), whereas the moon is not given this title. Man has long since established that the moon's light is simply reflected sunlight.

    [55:5] The sun and the moon follow precise courses.

    The meaning of this verse is obvious, and we have known the mathematical description of these "courses" since Kepler and Newton formulated them several centuries ago.

    [21:33] It is He Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon: all swim along, each in its rounded course.

    This verse supplements the previous one: here, we learn that the sun and moon follow "rounded courses." It is significant that the Arabic word used here - "falak" - does not mean circular course, just rounded. Kepler was the first European astronomer to realize that the paths of the planets and the moon are elliptical. It was not until later, though, that astronomers also realized that the sun has an orbit as well - around the center of the Milky Way.

    The Qur'an contains a number of verses on the structure and contents of the universe. There are too many to list here, but the following three form an interesting sample:

    [51:47] And the heavens We did create with Our Hands, and We do cause it to expand.

    Flatly stating what Einstein refused to believe at first, this verse anticipates Hubble's discovery of the expanding universe by approximately thirteen centuries. This verse makes a very clear point that the expansion is continuous (until the Day of Judgement, which is guaranteed by Allah to come upon us unexpectedly).

    [42:29] And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the living creatures that He has scattered through both of them...

    [45:13] And He has subjected to you (man), from Him, all that is in the heavens and on earth: behold, in that are signs indeed for those who reflect.

    These two verses are extremely interesting. Not only does the first one very strongly imply the existence of living creatures on other planets throughout the universe, but the second tells us that the heavens are "subject" to us. With a little imagination, we (or perhaps our children) can begin dreaming of the possibility of interstellar travel - and not just confined to our own solar system.
    The Holy Qur'an IS science. The Bible defies science. Science is PROOVABLE. Take your pick.

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    Scientific porof that the Holy Qir'an can, in NO way, be authored by ANY man 1400 years ago. The Qur'an has the most scientific prrof compared to other Books of God. Since God is All Knowing, Perfect and the Most High in knowledge and authority, it is inplausable that the Qur'an was inspired by evil. If this were the case, God's Books would be inferior and He would have an inferiority to evil. This can't be. It is simply a rediculous arguement that the Qur'an was NOT Divinely inspired

    *1)The Descending and the miracle of the physical properties of Iron

    *2)The Rose Nepular as viewed by the Hubble Telescope

    *3)The Reduction of matter from the Earth's outer layers

    *4)The Rounded shape of the Earth

    *5)The development of baby's growth in a mother's womb

    *6)The Big Bang theory

    *7)The ending of sensation at the erosion of skin at which the nerves end

    *8)The fact that the sun and the moon are moving each in its own orbital path

    *9)The fact that the light from the moon is a mere reflection of the light from the sun

    *10)There are three types of rain clouds and the Quran describes each in detail such as raining process and cloud shapes and after effects such as the growth of evoluting shaped plants

    *11)The womb enveloping a baby consists of three layers

    *12)Allah swears by the positioning of the stars which draws attention to the fact that their positioning is critical

    *13)The Quran implys that mountains are their as an anchor for the earth

    *14)The Quran States that the Universe is Expanding

    *15)The Quran predicts Space Exploration

    *16)The Quran states where the lowest point on Earth is

    *17)Every Word in The Holy Quran is counted for

    I will add links later to all 17 points!
    The Holy Qur'an IS science. The Bible defies science. Science is PROOVABLE. Take your pick.

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    Lack of credibility in the Bible(s)

    Heck, just check out the WHOLE site!

    Read up and find ALL the myths, lies, mistranslations, etc. and see the pages upon pages of proof that Islam is the chosen faith of Allah for ALL mankind. There are hours and hours of reading (all logical points backed up to the fullest degree. This site is remarkable and poses SO MANY questions that NOONE can answer! He challenges Priests, Rabbis, Clerics, Ministers, etc. and though some have puny comebacks on some topics, they AVOID the hard hitting ones altogether because they would FAIL MISERABLY in their attempts in answering these questions. This site is an Islam hating Christian's (Patrish and the maniac websites she quotes from) WORST nightmare. It destroys their vain attempt to shine doubt on Islam. EVERYTHING these freakish, Islam bashing sites post is answered HERE, irrefutable and in COMPLETE DETAIL. Just as I have been doing, they use the Bible quotes and proven science that cannot be questioned. Christians claim Muslims will suffer in Hell. Jews claim Muslims will suffer in Hell. Muslims say Jews and Christians will join them in Paradise. Who's tolerant? Who's accepting of others? Who's Book is unaltered, in the EXACT form as it was revealed? Who's Book was written over a 23 year period and contains not ONE discrepancy (Qur'an)? Who knows who and when their Book was written (Muslims) Let's face it, the Qur'an is preserved. The Bible is NOT. The Qur'an is universal. The Bible is NOT! The Bible has a list of fables longer than me and i'm 6'3"! The Bible contains prophecies that can ONLY refer to the coming of Muhammad. The Bible can be used to prove itself wrong. Not ONE person can use the Qur'an to prove Islam is wrong, NOT ONE! The science in the Qur'an is OBVIOUSLY Devine. There is ONLY ONE Qur'an. There are over 20 different Bibles, ALL contradict each other. Muslims MUST learn Arabic so they can read the Qur'an in it's original form, not translated. The original Scriptures of the Bible are in shambles, lost, unable to translate, destroyed. God would NOT allow this mess to take place with His Final Word. He promised that the Final Word would not be altered. He promised it would be preserved. He promised it would be clear, as mankind learns more, that it is the Truth, nothing less. He was referring to science that was explained 1400 years ago in the Qur'an which NOM MAN, no evil could know. He is Allah (One God) and His Last Prophet was Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and His Word is preserved, unaltered, scientifically proven factual without discrepancies, of a single language (Arabic) so it CAN NOT be mistaken, not MANY languages like the Bible. ONE VERSION, The Qur'an (The Final Testament)
    The Holy Qur'an IS science. The Bible defies science. Science is PROOVABLE. Take your pick.

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    "We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and INSIDE THEIR SELVES, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your Lord that He is a witness over all things? (The Noble Quran, 41:53)"

    Very Important Discovery:

    A new star forming out of a cloud of gas and dust (nebula), which is one of the remnants of the "smoke" that was the origin of the whole universe. (The Space Atlas, Heather and Henbest, page 50)
    Allah Almighty said: "Then He turned to the heaven when it was smoke...(The Noble Quran, 41:11)"
    The Noble Quran on the Origin of the Universe
    Only Islam claims that the universe was originated from Dust and Hot Gas, or Smoke.

    Another Very Important Discovery:

    Hubble telescope image of the cat's eye nabula, an exploding star 3,000 light years away.
    Allah Almighty Said: "And when the heaven splitteth asunder and becometh ROSY LIKE RED HIDE - (The Noble Quran, 55:37)"
    What Allah Almighty is Saying here is that when Galaxies explode, they form a red-rose-shaped explosion. He is also telling us that the Universe will all turn into red exploded galaxies looking like red or reddish roses when the Day of Judgement happens.

    The explosion of Stars (FORMING RED ROSES), Galaxies and the Universe in the Noble Quran had been confirmed by NASA.
    Holy freakin moly...even a broken clock is right twice a day.
    How general is his statement...and for cripes....1400 years later, there are discoveries, which is a long freaking time for his god to show this...dont cha think?

    When God says He is giving a sign, it is not usually thousands of years later.

    Jesus said a wicked generation demands a sign, but WILL NOT BE GIVEN ONE.

    Islam is the chosen faith of Allah
    Loved by pagans well over 1400 years ago, so It must be accurate.

    Not necessarily from religious sites.

    Here is something I wish to bring up...



    Mohammed was the prophet of war; Christ is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6-7).

    Mohammed's disciples killed for the faith; Christ's disciples were killed for their faith (Acts 12:2; 2 Timothy 4:7).

    Mohammed promoted persecution against the "infidels"; Christ forgave and converted the chief persecutor (1Timothy 1:13-15).

    Mohammed was the taker of life; Christ was the giver of life (John 10:27-28).

    Mohammed and his fellow warriors murdered thousands; Christ murdered none but saved many (compare John 12:48).

    Mohammed's method was COMPULSION; Christ's aim was voluntary CONVERSION (Acts 3:19).

    Mohammed practiced FORCE; Christ preached FAITH (John

    Mohammed was a WARRIOR; Christ is a DELIVERER (Col. 1:13; 1 Thessalonians

    Mohammed conquered his enemies with the sword; Christ conquered his enemies with another kind of sword, the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God (Hebrews 4:12; Acts 2:37).

    Mohammed said to the masses, "Convert or die!"; Christ said, "Believe and live!" (John 6:47; 11:25-26).

    Mohammed was swift to shed blood (Romans 3:15-17); Christ shed His own blood for the salvation of many (Ephesians 1:7).

    Mohammed preached "Death to the infidels!"; Christ prayed "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34).

    Mohammed declared a holy war (Jihad) against infidels; Christ achieved a holy victory on Calvary's cross (Colossians 2:14-15) and His followers share in that victory (John 16:33).

    Mohammed constrained people by conquest; Christ constrained people by love (2 Corinthians 5:14).

    Modern terrorists derive their inspiration from Mohammed and carry out their despicable atrocities in the name of his god; Christians derive heir inspiration from the One who said, "Blessed are the peacemakers" (Matthew

    Modern day disciples of Mohammed respond to the terrorist attacks by cheering in the streets; Modern day disciples of Christ are deeply grieved at past atrocities carried out by those who were "Christians" in name only.

    Many Muslims are peaceful and peace-loving because they do not strictly follow the teachings of their founder; Many Christians are peaceful and peace-loving because they do strictly follow the teachings of their Founder (Romans 12:17-21).

    Muhammed said the Koran is authoritative only in Arabic, and only in his dialect; The Bible is authoritative in many languages around the world, for God knows all things and can inspire His Word in more than one language.

    Muhammed hated music; Jesus and His disciples sang hymns, and the Apostle commanded the Lord's Church to sing. (Matthew 26:30, Ephesians 5:19, Colossians 3:16)

    Muhammed allowed that a Mullah, Imam, or Mufti of Islam can be a terrorist and moral animal like Osama bin Laden; The Bible requires that a leader in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ must be above reproach, and when this is not true, Christians demand such a fallen leader be removed from leadership. (1 Timothy 3:1-7, 5:19-20)

    Islam calls on its followers to observe Five Pillars, while all other aspects of life can be vulgar and not affect the Muslim's prospects in Paradise. The Bible calls on the Christian to submit to the total change of his life by the Spirit of God-- NO area of life and thought is the choice of the follower. (Romans 12:1-2)

    The Muslim looks forward to eternity in Paradise where there will be virgins who are used for eternal perpetual copulation.

    The Bible believing Christian looks forward to being with Jesus Christ and is delighted with that. (2Corinthians 5:8)

    Muhammed said the witness of a woman was half the value of the witness of a man; and Muhammed said a women goes to Paradise because she satisfies her husband sexually ; The Bible teaches that a husband is to love his wife and be willing to die for her. (Ephesians 5:25)

    Mohammed called upon his servants to fight; Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world; if My kingdom were of this world, then would My servants fight . .but now is My kingdom not from here" (John 18:36)

    Mohammed ordered death to the Jews (see A.Guillaume, The Life of Muhammad, Oxford University Press [1975], p. 369); Christ ordered that the gospel be preached "to the Jew first" (Romans 1:16).

    The Koran says, "Fight in the cause of Allah" (Qu'ran 2.244); The Bible says, "we wrestle not against flesh and blood" and "the weapons of our warfare are not carnal" (Ephesians 6:12; 2 Corinthians

    The Koran says, "Fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them" (Qu'ran 9.5); Christ said, "Preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15).

    The Koran says, "I will inspire terror into the hearts of unbelievers" (Qu'ran 8.12); God inspires His terror into the hearts of believers (Isaiah

    The Koran (Qu'ran) is a terrorist manual which condones fighting, conflict, terror, slaughter, and genocide against those who do not accept Islam; The Bible is a missionary manual to spread the gospel of peace to all the world (Romans 10:15).

    Mohammed's Mission was to conquer the world for Allah; Christ's mission was to conquer sin's penalty and power by substitutionary atonement (2Corinthians 5:21; 1 Peter 3:18).

    Mohammed considered Christ a good prophet; Christ pronounced Mohammed to be a false prophet (John 10:10; Matthew 24:11).

    Mohammed claimed that there was but one God, Allah; Christ claimed that He was God (John 10:30-31; John 8:58-59; John 5:18; John

    Islam is geocentric, that is, the whole universe is centered on the Kaaba in the Grand mosque in Mecca in Arabia, and all Muslims pray facing that direction; Jesus Christ is the center of all Christian worship and fellowship, for He is "in the midst" where his saints meet anywhere on earth. (Matthew 18:20, John 4:22-23)

    Mohammed's Tomb: OCCUPIED! Christ's tomb: EMPTY!

    Islam must be received, or you can be killed for rejecting it.

    Ephesians 5:3-5

    3 But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity...these are improper for God's holy people. 4 Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking

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    Who in the Bible was the Prophet that rode the camel to fulfill the Prophecy of Isaiah 21:7? The New Testament only fulfills the riding of the donkey prophecy in John 12:14, and it claims that it only fulfilled that prophecy

    It does not state a prophet rode a camel.

    Isaias Chapter 21

    NoteThe destruction of Babylon by the Medes and Persians: a prophecy against the Edomites and the Arabians.

    21:1The burden of the desert of the sea. As whirlwinds come from the south, it cometh from the desert from a terrible land.

    NoteThe desert of the sea. . .So Babylon is here called, because from a city as full of people as the sea is with water, it was become a desert.

    21:2A grievous vision is told me: he that is unfaithful dealeth unfaithfully: and he that is a spoiler, spoileth. Go up, O Elam, besiege, O Mede: I have made all the mourning thereof to cease.

    NoteO Elam. . .That is, O Persia.

    21:3Therefore are my loins filled with pain, anguish hath taken hold of me, as the anguish of a woman in labour: I fell down at the hearing of it, I was troubled at the seeing of it.

    21:4My heart failed, darkness amazed me: Babylon my beloved is become a wonder to me.

    21:5Prepare the table, behold in the watchtower them that eat and drink: arise, ye princes, take up the shield.

    21:6For thus hath the Lord said to me: Go, and set a watchman: and whatsoever he shall see, let him tell.

    21:7And he saw a chariot with two horsemen, a rider upon an ass, and a rider upon a camel: and he beheld them diligently with much heed.

    NoteA rider upon an ass, etc. . .These two riders are the kings of the Persians and Medes.

    21:8And a lion cried out: I am upon the watchtower of the Lord, standing continually by day: and I am upon my ward, standing whole nights.

    NoteAnd a lion cried out. . .That is, I Isaias seeing the approaching ruin of Babylon, have cried out as a lion roaring.

    21:9Behold this man cometh, the rider upon the chariot with two horsemen, and he answered, and said: Babylon is fallen, she is fallen, and all the graven gods thereof are broken unto the ground.

    21:10O my thrashing, and the children of my floor, that which I have heard of the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, I have declared unto you.

    21:11The burden of Duma calleth to me out of Seir: Watchman, what of the night? watchman, what of the night?

    NoteDuma. . .That is, Idumea, or Edom.

    21:12The watchman said: The morning cometh, also the night: if you seek, seek: return, come.

    21:13The burden in Arabia. In the forest at evening you shall sleep, in the paths of Dedanim.

    21:14Meeting the thirsty bring him water, you that inhabit the land of the south, meet with bread him that fleeth.

    21:15For they are fled from before the swords, from the sword that hung over them, from the bent bow, from the face of a grievous battle.

    21:16For thus saith the Lord to me: Within a year, according to the years of a hireling, all the glory of Cedar shall be taken away.

    NoteCedar. . .Arabia.

    21:17And the residue of the number of strong archers of the children of Cedar shall be diminished: for the Lord the God of Israel hath spoken it.

    Ephesians 5:3-5

    3 But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity...these are improper for God's holy people. 4 Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking

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    Thank you for proving my points in your posts. Oh and is that it? I have a hundred pieces of evidence and you attack TWO??? AND with one all you say is even a broken clock is right two times a day?? Sorry, Duma is a state in Syria (an Arabian land) but nice try! I know you had acouple other lame replies but like I have said before, the things you say aout the Prophet disgust me and you are full of lies. I will take no part in debating you with the HATE and lies you spew. Your ignorance on Muhammad (pbuh) is extreme and I won't spend my time with you because you are simply wacked out. Salam (peace) We see who has won. Allah has won over your outright hate and ignorance and belief for ANYTHING you find that is anti Islam. When you can come back and debate me on EVERYTHING I POST, then I will return to this debate. I have had enough of the sidetracking that you do. I post tons of facts, evidence, plausibilities, etc and you come back bashing Muhammad, avoiding the topics COMPLETEY. Learn how to debate.
    The Holy Qur'an IS science. The Bible defies science. Science is PROOVABLE. Take your pick.

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    Matthew 13

    He proposed another parable to them. 9 "The kingdom of heaven may be likened to a man who sowed good seed in his field.
    While everyone was asleep his enemy came and sowed weeds
    all through the wheat, and then went off.
    When the crop grew and bore fruit, the weeds appeared as well.
    The slaves of the householder came to him and said, 'Master, did you not sow good seed in your field? Where have the weeds come from?'
    He answered, 'An enemy has done this.' His slaves said to him, 'Do you want us to go and pull them up?'
    He replied, 'No, if you pull up the weeds you might uproot the wheat along with them.
    Let them grow together until harvest; 11 then at harvest time I will say to the harvesters, "First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles for burning; but gather the wheat into my barn."'"
    12 He proposed another parable to them. "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that a person took and sowed in a field.
    13 It is the smallest of all the seeds, yet when full-grown it is the largest of plants. It becomes a large bush, and the 'birds of the sky come and dwell in its branches.'"
    He spoke to them another parable. "The kingdom of heaven is like yeast 14 that a woman took and mixed with three measures of wheat flour until the whole batch was leavened."
    15 All these things Jesus spoke to the crowds in parables. He spoke to them only in parables,
    to fulfill what had been said through the prophet: 16 "I will open my mouth in parables, I will announce what has lain hidden from the foundation (of the world)."
    Then, dismissing the crowds, 17 he went into the house. His disciples approached him and said, "Explain to us the parable of the weeds in the field."
    He said in reply, "He who sows good seed is the Son of Man,
    the field is the world, 19 the good seed the children of the kingdom. The weeds are the children of the evil one,
    and the enemy who sows them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels.

    Just as weeds are collected and burned (up) with fire, so will it be at the end of the age.
    The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will collect out of his kingdom 21 all who cause others to sin and all evildoers.
    They will throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.
    22 Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears ought to hear.
    23 "The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure buried in a field, 24 which a person finds and hides again, and out of joy goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.
    Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant searching for fine pearls.
    When he finds a pearl of great price, he goes and sells all that he has and buys it.
    Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net thrown into the sea, which collects fish of every kind.
    When it is full they haul it ashore and sit down to put what is good into buckets. What is bad they throw away.
    Thus it will be at the end of the age. The angels will go out and separate the wicked from the righteous
    and throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.
    "Do you understand 25 all these things?" They answered, "Yes."
    26 And he replied, "Then every scribe who has been instructed in the kingdom of heaven is like the head of a household who brings from his storeroom both the new and the old."
    When Jesus finished these parables, he went away from there.
    27 He came to his native place and taught the people in their synagogue. They were astonished 28 and said, "Where did this man get such wisdom and mighty deeds?

    Ephesians 5:3-5

    3 But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity...these are improper for God's holy people. 4 Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking

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