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    A guy gets his penis severed in a car accident. When he wakes up in the
    hospital, he rings for the doctor. The doctor comes in and tells him what

    "So what are my options?" the patient asks. "You have two options - we
    can sew your penis back on, but it will cost you about a million dollars.
    Or, we can sew on a baby elephant's trunk. It will look a bit different, but
    it will feel the same and that will only cost about a thousand dollars."

    The guy says, "Well, I'm low on cash so I'll have to go with the elephant

    About two weeks later, the guy is out to dinner with some friends, when all
    of a sudden the trunk comes up from under the table, grabs a biscuit, then
    returns back under the table. The guy thinks, "God, I hope nobody saw that!"

    About five minutes later, the trunk comes up and grabs another biscuit.
    This time the guy's friends see it.

    "Holy smokes! What on earth was that?" his friends ask. So the guy tells
    them the story of the accident and the surgery.

    "Wow, that's awesome! Can you do that again?" they ask.

    The guy says, "Well, I probably could, but I don't think my butt could
    take another biscuit!"

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    omg... that would HURT roflmao!!! Goes to show you being cheap really doesn't pay in the long run!!! lol

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    i wondered why you were making strange faces

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