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    There was a father and his little boy that went into a local drug store to pick up a prescription.

    While in the store the little boy was looking around and came upon a rather large display for condoms.

    The little boy looked at all the brightly colored packages and the different types and the different quantities.

    The little boy went to his father and asked "Daddy, what are these condoms?"

    The father, stuttered, and said "Well, they are for protection from diseases when a man and a woman make love."

    The little boy contemplated the concept for a few moments and then asked "Then, why do these come in a package of three?"

    The father coyly answered "Those are for young men in high school. One for Friday night, one for Saturday night and one for Sunday afternoon."

    "UH-HUH" said the little boy, "then why are these in packages of six?"

    The father smirked "Those are for young men in college. There are two for Friday night, two for Saturday night and two for Sunday afternoon."

    "WOW" said the little boy in amazement. He then asked "Well, then why are these packaged a dozen at a time?" The father answered "Those, my son, are for married men. One for January, one for February..."

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    that was funny mike, just hope my son doesn't ask about that one !

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