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Thread: Penis Torture

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    Default Penis Torture

    Three men were walking aimlessly in the desert. They came upon a castle. Dying of thirst, they decided to go into the castle.

    Inside they found no men, just dozens of beautiful women. The three men decided to stay (obviously, what man wouldn't). For a week they enjoyed themselves having sex many times a day with all of the beautiful women.

    After a week, the king of the castle and his army of men came back. As he walked into his castle, he found the three men with his women. Upset, the king ordered his army to capture the three men and line them up against the wall. Then the king said that each of them would be severely punished according to their occupation.

    The king goes up the first man and demands to know his occupation. The first man replies, "Fireman." The king tells his army, "Burn off his penis."

    Then he walked over to the second man and asked his occupation. Hesitating the man said, "I...I...I...I'm a police officer." The king ordered, "Shoot off his penis."

    Then finally the King asks the third man his occupation. With a huge smile on his face the man replied, "Lollipop salesman."

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