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Thread: Odd Signs from England

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    Odd Signs from England

    This is only in fun...not meant to offend...I hope you enjoy these....

    IN A LONDON DEPARTMENT STORE: Bargain Basement Upstairs

    IN AN OFFICE: Would the person who took the stepladder yesterday please bring it back or further steps will be taken.

    IN ANOTHER OFFICE: After the tea break staff should empty the teapot and stand upside down on the draining board.

    OUTSIDE A SECOND HAND SHOP: We exchange anything--bicycles, washing machines, etc. Why not bring your wife along and get a wonderful bargain.

    QUICKSAND WARNING: quicksand. Any person passing this point will be drowned, by order of the District Council.

    NOTICE IN DRY CLEANER'S WINDOW: Anyone leaving their garments here for more than 30 days will be disposed of.

    IN A HEALTH FOOD SHOP WINDOW: Closed due to illness.

    SPOTTED IN A SAFARI PARK: Elephants Please Stay In Your Car

    NOTICE IN A FIELD: The farmer allows walkers to cross the field for free, but the bull charges.

    MESSAGE ON A LEAFLET: If you cannot read, this leaflet will tell you how to get lessons.

    ON A REPAIR SHOP DOOR: We can repair anything (Please knock hard on the door--the bell doesn't work)
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