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Thread: The School Bus Driver

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    The School Bus Driver

    A young boy, who had a lisp, was supposed to start
    school one day, and was told by his mother to wait
    by the bus stop. The kid goes to the bus stop,
    sees the bus and starts waving his arms and
    shouting: "Buth driver .. Buth Driver thtop
    thtop! ..."

    The bus just keeps on going.

    The next day, after his mother was upset for the
    bus not stopping, tells him to go to the bus stop
    and wave an old rag she gave him. Again, he follow
    his mother's instructions, waving the old rag and
    shouting "Hey buth driver...buth driver,
    thtop thtop!!.." Again, the bus just goes by.

    When he returned home, his mother was really upset
    and tells him:

    "Damn it, tomorrow I want you to go out and stand
    in the middle of the street, and he'll stop for sure."
    The next day, he's waiting for the bus, sees it,
    stands in the middle of the street and starts waving
    the rag and shouting:

    "Hey buth driver...buth driver...thtop thtop!!"

    The bus just keeps going, hits him, knocks him down
    and breaks every bone in his body. Upset, after his
    mother found out about this, she went to the school
    to complain to the school's principal, who calls the
    bus driver to the office and questions him about
    about his action.

    "Why did you hit that poor boy?" the principal asked.

    The bus driver replies: "I can't thtand kidth that
    make fun of me!"

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