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Thread: 50 outrageous Dirty jokes

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    Default 50 outrageous Dirty jokes

    1. When I asked your grandmother if she ever tried 69 she said, "No! I did 53 once, but that's all the sailors I could screw in one night.

    2. Chearleaders ger so embarassed when they do the splits and 8 class rings fall out!

    3.Q What did one ball say to the other ball.
    A Why should we hang? Peter did all the shooting!

    4. Q What does a man aften an orgasm have in common with the gil he's on top of.
    A. They both want to get off.

    5. Q Why did the basketball player fall in love with the short cheerleader?
    A. He was nuts over her.

    6. The groom told his wife if she wants sex nust pull his weenie once. and if she doesn't want sex just pull it a couple of hundred times.

    7. Whats the difference between a sorority girl and a bowling ball?
    A. You can only get three fingers in a bowling ball.

    8. Q. Whats the difference between your wife and TAXES
    A. Taxes SUCK
    9. Your sisters favourite pick up line. Are all you boys on the same team?

    10. An orgasm in the bush is worth two in the hand.

    11. Your sister's favourite food is twinkies because they are pumped full of cream.
    to be continued............
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