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Thread: now that's funny. i dont care who you are

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    now that's funny. i dont care who you are

    If you ain't heard o Larry the Cable Guy... well dang. Git-r-done!! I just picked his album "Lord I Apologize" the other day and it is SO funny!! Anyone a fan? I'm sure you've heard him even if you didn't know it was him. He was on the Blue Collar COmedy tour that was on Comedy Central... He was the one with all the analogies like: "well, I was more frustrated than a 3-legged dog trying to bury a terd on a frozen lake!" Ok, if you still don't know... just quit life now! This guy is hilarious!!!

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    Hes from here in florida got his start on the morning radio shows .He is hilarious ..........Raced in the tampon 400 ....had to pull some strings to get those tickets lolll
    Isaw him on the comedy tour laughed till I cryied llooll
    Ill have to pick up that album

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