The ugoto friends

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  1. Bamber
    Set up just in case out current community site goes totally kaput!
  2. konifur
    hi bamber,here at last.i hope more idiots ur i mean friends from ugoto will join this group.
  3. Bamber
    Welcome aboard matey! It will take us a little while to get used to this format, but when I've had a bit of a play I'll e-mail our friends with details of how to join the group.

    How about trying to send me a message?
  4. Ms.Diablo50
    Hello Bamber glad you did this.. Was a little worried we might all lose touch....Now we won't !!!!!!
  5. ramrock
    Don't forget me!!!!!!
    (and that's MS.Idiot to you konifur!!!
  6. dcreekm
    Gatorbait found you guys! Thanks, Bamber!
  7. konifur
    hi all, please ignore konifur(the one in the red tee shirt)he is an idiot.
    i`m konifur2.
    i wish konifur could be deleted as i can see it`s going to discombobulate people.
    if any of you know how to get that idiot in the red tee shirt deleted please let me know.shhhh don`t tell him as he will only get up set mmm i wonder if jokeroo can get him deleted.
    ok i have said enough,
    bye for now.
  8. konifur
    great that 1st konifur is now gone.
  9. EASYRIDER1903
    Woo hoo found it I know some of you from previous names on Ugoto but who are the rest? I'm off to find an avatar
  10. konifur
    hi mark,
    good to see you here .
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