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  1. konifur
    Hi sweets, i`m please you have joined my NSBAPOI CLUB group.
    Don`t forget to display your membership card.
    well you are the club treasurer.
    pity we got no money.hehehehe.
  2. konifur
    welcome Anna, i knew you would like to be a member.
    remember if you do anything silly in public like knock over a glass display in a shop. show it to the security and he will say ,"that`s ok we will clean it up, you have a nice day now."
    it can get you out of any embarrassing situations as well.
  3. konifur
    good morning members. i see have no more members.there must be more thickos like us out there .
    they must be in denial or some other large river.
    we must start rounding these people up.convince them that they are not very bright.
    has anyone got anthing they would like to say or admit to before i close this meeting.
  4. konifur
    good afternoon members......shit no one turned up for the meeting again.well i will have to eat all the cakes myself. nom nom nom.
    well still only 3 members we will have to press gang people to become members like the British navy did in 1778.oh um urrr meeting closed.
  5. squirt
    lmao ... but it's still morning here! lol
  6. konifur
    welcome squirt. i hope you have nothing sensible to say,as the other members will not understand it.
  7. squirt
    I'll try to limit myself to gibberish lol
  8. Dangerously
    Oooops sorry...when I saw you were looking for thick people...I thought you meant pleasantly plump. My bad!
  9. Dangerously
    When it comes to stupidity...I've already paid my dues!
  10. konifur
    good lad Mr D. you are in the club......when i say in the club i didn`t mean you are up the duff...pregnant or anything i just meant you are in this club.just remember we have bi annual meetings every week but most forget to turn up so if that happens just chat to yourself a while.
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