arellas pity party

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  1. arella
    feel sorry for me yet? Got any prozac? LMAO! K how about a razor blade or 2? Rusty ones would be best
  2. Bamber
    Aahhh! Never mind!
  3. TakinMyLyfeBack
    I have a few razor blades....and they are plenty rusty enough..but I have them put back for a phychotic outburst which I am sure to have before it is too long.......
  4. arella
    Lol thanks everyone
    As you all know lol I am in constant need of petting
    i think I can roll a homeless person for prozac
  5. arella
    mmmmmmmmmm Paczki's
  6. TakinMyLyfeBack
    Hey, I have some ATARAX!!!! Its for stress...but I have to take it for the itching from the LUPUS......Im willing to share if you need it.......Hahahaha it knocks my ass out for 2 days at a time!!!!
  7. squirt
    we're havin' a feel sorry for Arella party and I wasn't invited?! lol
  8. TakinMyLyfeBack
    It's my party and I'll cry if I want too, cry if I want too, cry if I want too.........or, you can just go get revenge..........thats sooo much sweeter.........need help...just call your twisted little have the number...
  9. TakinMyLyfeBack
    oh dont have to have invites, cause your SUPER MOD....and you can go anywhere.....

    **Pets arella on the head and says, "down girl down....".
  10. arella
    LMFAO! * I'm coming undone*
    I figured that since I was suppossed to be on a pity party lool then I should have one Its an open group lmao so let em all come
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