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  • Why thank you my dearest bamber...... glad to be here, even though it may seem like I do alot of disappearing I know that when I get down and out I can always pop in here for a lil cheer and a shoulder to cry on. :sigh: I honestly don't know what I would do without my roo family, and even though I'm not able to stop by often, I think of you all daily. :kisses:
    I saw lol I wondered what he was looking at as it's usually not good when he's here, not for us anyways lol :hiding:
    could be they just read what ya'll were doing and hoped it would help them
    the IP is in Serbia
    you'd stand a better chance emailing jokaroo than PM'ing him, in all my years here, he's only answered like 2 PM's from me lol
    you can pull the email addy from the admin panel
    Good Morning to you too. :teeth:
    If it is just you and me than I am in the company with one of the best.
    *suck up mode off* lol
    Actually I am going for a walk as well.....I need to take the dog out.....and the weather is STILL good....(they forecast lots of rain and thunderstorms :sob:)......
    But I'll be back.......:teeth:
    And a happy Sunday back to you!!
    Hope all is well on your end.... just wanted to stop by & let you know i was thinking of you...:xxsandoos:
    That seems to be the pox of the modern era, if it works fine and everyone's happy, then let's employ some snotty nose little scrote fresh out of nursery school to change it.
    I tried 2 with limited success,something still wrong and no one cares by the looks of it...
    I hadn't used Willy for a long time and thought better try it after all the
    :rofl:No i did not know that .I still would of changed my name .....I mean Samuel is terrible innit
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