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    Fun Pix

    MV Sow feeding her young
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    odds and ends ...

    Vintage biker chic
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    This morning

    With so much recent sunshine the river has been turned quite green by an algal bloom, which just enhances the verdancy of the banks. You cannot tell from this angle that between the far bank and the cliff is one of the main roads out of Totnes. A different bloom by Phil Gayton, on Flickr
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    This morning

    When broad leaved dock seeds it always looks to me as if the plant is rusting, an impression enhanced in this case by the regular tidal flooding of the Snipe Island water meadow. Rust and green by Phil Gayton, on Flickr
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    slightly gay Wednesday

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    slightly gay Wednesday

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    slightly gay Wednesday

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    canine capers.

    It's the most human fall I've ever seen a dog make.
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    Amazing Amazon reviews. Adds welcome

    For a gaming keyboard