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    What is it? #512

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    What is it? #512

    Their called Trongs...used for eating chicken wings n other finger foods ! I think lol
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    Pick a song!!

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    Happy Birthday, BP! ♥

    Awwwww shucks !! Lol
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    Happy Birthday, BP! ♥

    Well thank ya !
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    Shamelessly Admitting...

    I shamelessly admit I have no shame lol
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    4 words at a time

    Moonshine from a jar
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    How often do you?????

    Not very often and prefer dark over milk How often do you have friends over for dinner?
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    True or False

    False The person below me loves animals..
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    Happy Birthday, BP! ♥

    Thank ya ma'am !
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    Happy Birthday, BP! ♥

    Awwwww thanks chica lol
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    The liars club...

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman ! ;)
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    Happy Birthday, BP! ♥

    Why Thank ya ma'am !
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    The "forehead kiss"

    ROTLFMAO @ Y'all !
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    Pick a song!!

    Its actually a Steve Earle song but I love their cover of it !