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    Groaner thread (please add)

    Guy caught shop lifting bar of soap in Supermarket. Judge gives him 5 years. "5 years he gasps"? The judge replies " lucky it wasn't lifebouy ! "
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    Any Political Posts Etc

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    The world according to Koni

    Better watch she doesn't cast a spell to make your willy even smaller!
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    konifurs supermarket

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    Comic of the Day (Cartoon)

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    The What if game

    I wouldn't answer the door. What if you bought in a load of candy and didn't get any trick or treaters?
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    Bakers Dozen

    1. Banger 2. M80 3. Catherine Wheel 4. Bottle rocket 5. Piccolo Pete 6. Black cat 7. Sparkler 8. Fire cracker 9. Barking Doggie
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    Food game

    Treacle Tart
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    Question my Question

    Is your puppy a dog or a bitch?
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    Religious fervour!

    Hitler walks up to the Pearly Gates and says to St Peter, "I'd like to come in." St Peter: "Not likely!" Hitler: I've repented and I've given back all the gold and treasures that I stole from the Jews, and I'm really sorry." At that point, Jesus walks up and asks what's going on. St Peter...
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    The world according to Koni

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    Any Political Posts Etc

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    Konifur`s farting thread

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    The Roo Library

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    Halloween 2019