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  • Ms TakinMyLyfeBack, thank you for the lovely birthday sig tag gif! Could not figure out how to leave a message on your profile page, so I write it here. Hugs N Love -joe
    there's 70 of them scattered over 555 acres, and the herd is growing all the time! hubby's had 3 calves born this spring, they're so cute!!! lol
    that's the reason he's up there, there's no one else to tend the cows and to make sure that no one breaks into the farmhouse and steal everything that's not nailed down lol :flowerforyou:

    I hope you've had a great day! :blowhearts:
    I hope your birthday is everything it should be and MORE!
    and that you get at least one thing you actually wanted lol
    and maybe some birthday sex? lol :devil:
    *BIG hugs 'n much love!!! :blowkiss:

    Thanks for saying Hello! I believe the people here are resume material! Folks may not understand! Some large corporations involved. Lets just say, we are not in agreement on some issues. Yet, they support the non profits. best I stay underground. Thinking maybe, if I had a new Internet nic name. sort of a 'pen name' and remain anonymous. laughing
    well, I wish I felt the same way lol :blush: but it doesn't look like I'm going to have much choice in the matter, I can't live without him lol :blush:
    I understand, this place isn't exactly resume material lol I just wanted to stop in and say Hello! lol :rose:
    Good for you moving to a farm! Happy Dance! laughter and love, lots of it here, also I do not wanna post as I am now on the board of directors of a few non profits organizations at the national level. Not wanna give someone ammo to take pot shots at me and maybe the organization. thanks for your reply and tanks for reading. my head hurts from the BS at time. Aye love it sooo
    life's gettin' crazy on my end too! lol I was out of town that day, we may be moving to a farm! lol
    there's nothin' like laughter to make it all bearable, that and love! :rose:
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