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  • ....a lady remembers most in her life, those moments that made her blush.

    You sir, are a gentleman....yes?

    I know that you`re a happily married man, and that your`version`is for her eyes only. BUT...you can`t blame a girl for trying, can you?..lol. J/K ...I'm a big flirt, it's in my blood, my mother is a flirt and so was her mother and so on and so on. Genes like that are extremely difficult to escape, don't you think?

    Anyway...tomorrow is friday! I hope you have a fabulous weekend planned Flynn.

    Your friend on top...
    Well, I`ll look forward to your version..lol. At any rate, I`m pleased that you`re pleased, I enjoyed sending it and getting your response as much as you did receiving it. I hope you have a great rest of the week Flynn.

    Toodles, from
    the lady on top....


    I know that you probably won't appreciate this Flynn, but I'm posting it anyway. I just wanted to wish you a happy wednesday MY way. Have a great one:sigh:
    I wasnt`aware that you even had cattle.

    Good morning Flynn, thank you for popping in to see me, I hope you`re enjoying the season...we`re halfway through summer in my little corner of the world. I wasn`t sure `we`d be seeing a lot of heat, but lately the temp has been up there, which is just the way I like it, I just wish I didn`t have to work in it..lol..oh well, that`s life right? Today is Sunday and I plan on getting out there and enjoying the summer before it turns into fall, and we all know how quickly that can happen.

    How's your project coming along? I hope that you're not working too hard and that you're able to stop once in a while and smell the roses. Although, I'm certain that you of all people, make a point of doing just that.

    Have a great day Flynn, and a great week as well....later gator;)
    I've been missing you my friend. I hope that everything is going well with you and yours...and that you're not working too hard. :bigsmile:
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