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    attention all female applicants

    that wuznt me yall..that wuz ma friend lynn
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    attention all female applicants

    yea I GET THE JOB!!
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    New Sex Machine

    hey eclipse...wanna bust it?
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    Did it for the COOKIE!

    y do u ask...wuznt ma chocolate chip cookie good?
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    What is.....

    u make up one
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    child support

    CHILD SUPPORT: Little Johnny's father says to him, "When you go back to your Mom's tonight, give her this envelope. Tell her that since you are now 18 this is the LAST check she'll ever see from me for child support. Then, stand back and watch the expression her face." "OK" replied Little...
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    fu**ing ants!

    FUCKING ANTS: A priest comes out of the church to find Little Johnny sitting on the steps. The boy is killing ants by smashing them with his thumb, saying, "Fucking ants," with each smash. The priest watches for a moment, horrified, before running over to Little Johnny. "What are you...
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    Female Mobile Phone

    yep....its ringin rite now to haha
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    Defrosting Meat

    buy the look on her face....yea
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    eeeewwwww...thats one rotten cucumber...y didnt she juz use him? or maybe she tried and his "cucumber" didnt meet her standardz
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    The Billdo

    i like Bill Clinton...but not like that
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    Huge m&m's

    nope...i got the milk chocolate rite herr
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    You hated football

    i love football..netin wit a ball...i love it!!
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    Never again

    ???is that another woman???