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  • Living in Hemet, Ca. now that is between Los Angles & Palm Springs right out in the middle of the desert. Although I like it cause it sure does beat shoveling snow. Moved here from Wisconsin.
    And you? What beach? Here is hoping it's close to me.
    I personally have no idea about cell phones had one when they first came out you know about the size of a small shoe box. LOL! Then had one of the newer ones about 10 years ago now don't really need one cause I never go anyplace where someone would really have to talk with me. Can wait until I get back here. Ha!
    And as for uploading a photo from your cell phone I'd have to talk to my son, he's the Tec. in the family. So cannot help you out there Keshet.
    And as for being married or not; no worries know this isn't a dating site. :flirt: :under: LOL!
    But just to let you know FYI I do not like long walks on the beach. ha ha ha!
    Oh and I go by: Steven Thomas Ganz on facebook only because that is my name. :grin:

    This is nothing I just wanted a big smiley here.:teeth:
    oh yes ... I remember them well! lol :bigsmile:
    some of the stuff is the same as always, some is quite different
    I'm confident in your ability to sort it! lol :clap: :clap:
    WhooHoo! I am your first! No photos yet? that is ok cause your profile said your married. So Now Worries. :snigger:
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