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    Before and After

    used cars
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    ABC ...Compound Words

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    ABC Rivers, Oceans, Lakes & Lochs etc

    Trinity River, California and in Texas too, not same river
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    ABC Movie Title Game

    Quantrill’s Raiders (1958)
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    The A To Z Of Moods~Feelings~And Behaviors

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    Food game

    Iceberg lettuce
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    Word Association game....

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    True or False

    False The person below me likes country music?
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    Post a dogs name without the letter A in it!

    well i'm not in here everyday and don't read all past post,, so now do you get her message? lol Rusty
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    Dogs name

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    The What if game

    I'd call the police non-emergency police What if got a call that you had to report to work at 2am or lose your high paying job and great benefits?
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    Household gadgets....A-Z

    locks on an outhouse? hummm are they afraid a turd may escape??? LMAO!!!! Trolleys
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    Lets play a word game.

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    5 Letter Word Change Game

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    Shamelessly Admitting...

    I shamelessly admit I am so happy we are getting all of this steady rain, got more coming all week and into next week I shamelessly admit I have not been able to see San Jacinto mtn. or Big Bear mtn. for several days as the snow clouds are dumping a lot up there as seen on the TV news,, lol