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  • but will i get the job as my arm is aching holding it up in the air all the time when i`m begging.LOL.
    ok i hope this works.

    What you do is delete the text in the box before pasting :bigsmile:
    If I allow sigs to be displayed I see a little devil chasing a little angel on your sig... not animated though.
    You're confused again, aren't you?

    OK, this picture of mine

    has the url

    Jokeroo Community - konifur2's Album: konifurs pictures - Picture is just a locator. You (and possibly moderators) are the only one who can see the URL.
    i have put this on some where else but it will do as a test.
    i think i have put my devil under my sig have you seen it.

    Jokeroo Community - konifur2's Album: konifurs pictures - Picture
    the message is...konifur has much to be proud of.*looks down pants* nope they are wrong.:sleepy:
    good morning bamber.fit, well and sober i hope.LOL.
    my mission today is putting my little devil GIF where my signature is ,like a lot of the others have done.
    :thumbs-uphey look i have lots of little green boxes lit up on my profile.
    I see you found it. The only trouble with these visitor messages is you don't get notified when someone has posted one.
    ur it`s done now bamber.........don`t ask.
    well you know me.
    thick head or what.LOL
    It isn't showing up in your Contact Info, and it certainly should if you've set it.
    yes i think so,it`s there where you said.
    can you look in my profile and check it out.
    Odd - that's all I did, I'm sure. You did enter a Yahoo e-mail address in there, yes?
    Okey-dokey - piece of cake.

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    hi bamber,i`m going out soon begging in the city center.but when i come back i want to know how to put the yahoo logo on here like you and others have.
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