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    Puppy Size

    That was such a sweet post. Thanks for sharing!
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    Just wanted to let you know.....

    My husband is doing great also. He has lost 113 pounds since Dec. 18. He has a ways to go, but he will make it.
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    Just wanted to let you know.....

    I just wanted to let everyone know that all is well with me and the baby. I am now 23 weeks and found out that it is a girl. My hubby and I are so very excited that it's a girl and that she is healthy. I miss you all and hopefully will be able to come in here more often. Take care everyone...
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    Survivor: Southern Style

    That would be hilarious!!I would like to see that one happen.
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    Well, I too am so glad to see Goofy back. I have missed you so much. I haven't been around much in a while, nothing to do with anyone here, just tired alot. I do miss everyone.
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    Happy Birthday IZaNaGI

    Tell Mr. Iz to have a very Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday to Naughty Angel

    Happy Birthday!! I hope it is a good one.
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    I need help advise if you can

    I am so happy that he is ok and now that he is seeking help, maybe he will get better mentally. I went through a funk after my dad died and it took me a long while to get better. I will pray that all continues to be well with you and your family.
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    Warning Labels........DUH!

    Those are so funny, just imagining the dumb people who did the things being warned against.
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    What do I do? So confused ...

    That has to be a tough thing to go through. I personally think that you should talk to him to air out all feelings, yours and his. He may not have any good reasons for what he did, but getting it all in the open will definitely help to heal those wounds you have. Just hear him out and then...
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    Top Member of December '03

    Gotta say, Wow, that is great for you Eclipse. Keep up the good work.
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    babys first doctor apointment

    That is so funny.
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    Welcome mama. Enjoy!
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    whats up