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    Merry Christmas ... six more months
    Just stoppen to tell you how much I love you..my dear and beautiful Queen!!! YOU'RE THE BEST, and I'm lucky to have you for a friend...
    angel kisses and hugsssss
    for taking the time to look me up. I hope to be around awhile, I'll see you again, sometime...Huugs.

    She thinks my tractor's sexy....
    it really turns her on.
    I left some but not all lol so it seems that you have a secret admirer!!!
    How fun! Lol thanks about my ass lol I was sure all I'd get was oh gross!!!
    Sweetie .. I hope the weather isn't so bad in your neck of the woods. I will try and call later after I get to school ... we are getting the rains now have all night long, so I have to get out there and drain the pool cover...lol ... take care of you!!! Love you too ... xoxoxoxoxox

    Tell the prince I said hello ... giggles ...

    3-2-07 6:03am
    I stopped here to personally wish you a wonderful , hot, sexy, terrific, torrent, Valentine's Day. Hope you are able to acheive several orgasmic cums today. Thanks for what you do, and who you are. Kisses, Dyllan

    (Can I add you to me buddy list?)
    Hi sweetie, you know I have to peek in here from time to time.....lol boy is my profile messed up.....LMAO Love ya!
    LOL .. what you read Jacks message I left him .. giggles ... you are so bad ....now if we were planning a secret for you .. how would we go about that .. huh .... well I will have to definitely work on that ... Gotta close down the Crown and Web agency .. he he he he ... Love you Sweet Friend ...
    Wishing you and Jack a very Merry First Christmas together, dear friend. I love you!!!!!

    Love and lots of hugs,,,
    guess what, I remembered to check my messages .... from the free woman ... wooo hooo ..... love and hugs Sweetie ....
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