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    konifurs supermarket

    Who knows Bri...??? LOL
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    RoadKill's Creations

    RK ~ your backgrounds are very something ~ and I enjoy looking to see what you have done next.
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    made with love ...

    darlin' girl ~ I just wanted to pop in and say a very big for all your lovely posts and support ~ I'm dreadful in getting around all the threads as I should, but having been away to look after my girl and to come back to such warmth is really very lovely ~ and I thank you so much ~ big hugs and...
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    konifur's collage thread

    Yep ~ the bloody EU ~ seemed like a good idea at the time, until the unelected bureaucrats took over Brussels.... DOH
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    Manzy's Magic

    Can I just throw my two pence worth into this guys.... my animations are far more frames than yours [up to 100 plus] all done a bit at a time, adding here and there...BUT ~ every time I do an ani [from the first one] I save as a 'mng' [these can only be opened in the Ani Shop] and add to that...
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    Romford Lad Gallery

    I thought this image could make something interesting... so played around and managed this....
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    The Challenges

    Well guys, I've got one finished ~ that eagle image from way back ~ don't know what it all means, it just grew and grew to 100 frames ~ but it's fun to try something a bit different...
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    konifur's collage thread

    Nice to see you back Steve ~ and that place takes me back some years ~ spent a lot of time in Malta in the 80's ~ stayed at the Grand Hotel Verdala in Rabat [now just a ruin I think, shame as it was the top place on the island in those days] ~ lovely island, and lovely people.