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    It Was The Veteran

    All of us veterans appreciate that post Jhorse. I served with the 101st Airborne in Vietnam and lost a foot to a landmine, but the worst that happened was some good friends did not come home. May they rest in peace.
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    New Sex Machine

    The link doesn't work. They don't allow direct linking. :crazy:
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    Turtle Kissing

    Megan you are not old enough to be in here. Run along now a play with your Barbie and Ken dolls.
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    Suprise For You LoL

    Would rather it had been your azz that mooned me.
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    Cock Fight

    I can definitely think of something better to do with mine.
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    Computer freak

    Damn the puter with a honey like that in bed.
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    Eat me baby

    I thought it was french vanilla snow ice cream. Oh well, you ruined that for me.
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    Nokia - Stay connected

    Probably have an echo in the phone down there. HA! HA! HA! HA!
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    One of Lara's New thongs

    Looks like it's made of tissues.... :devil: A very nice cameltoe on that beauty. Is that LARA? For Real? :wow: :omg:
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    "Uh - ah"

    Oh! No! No! No! She ain't about to get mine wienie, if she is anything what her signature looks like. :hmmm:
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    Wind job

    No, you get wind burns for you are falling at 120 MPH. In the army your chute deploys immediately after jumping for your D ring that is attached to the ripcord is hooked to a wire. I have been skinny dipping though in my younger days. :D
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    Wind job

    I was in an airborne unit in the army but never had that to happen. :sneaky2:
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    Garfield gets milk

    Wish I were Garfield. He must be a very contented cat.
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    Here Is One For All The Men On Roo

    Very nice One Fine. In reality, being there would give most of us farts at roo a heart attack. :D
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    Wish you were here

    That is so cute, but to whom is this for?