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  • Thank you she did really good, I don’t think she even realized it happened lol they do it under the skin
    She was pretty cute, she didn’t want to walk on her leash to the room so this lady in the waiting room she grew fond of slid her on her butt the whole place was laughing lol The hardest part was the ride there she doesn’t care for the car yet 😘
    I did get a drawer cleaned out and some other things.. if it had been longer I would of caught up on reading 🥰
    Sierra gets her 3rd set of shots tomorrow hope she feels ok after.. Have a nice night and day tomorrow XoXo 💕
    You’ve always blessed others it’s wonderful when it comes back to you ♥️
    We were without internet, cable and phone this morning for 5 hours I don’t
    know how we did without it do you lol Have a wonderful day love you 🥰
    Good mornin babe...💋💕👩‍♥...a freezing sunny one here...
    I know it's a struggle for you right now and I just want you to know that any day that you are around is a wonderful day! You have more heart and soul than any woman I know and you think of others when many only focus on themselves. You rock, Tic!
    Good morning babe...👩‍♥ 💋💕...raining for 2 days only a chilly 40...💜♥
    Popping by to say HI and to say I'm glad you and your FAMILY are doing ok after that awful tornado! Continue prayers for you and Dallas.
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