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  • Dropping off lots of big warm missed you so much mom hugs *HUGS* Mom I Love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Oh darlin' girl ~ thank you so much ~ I didn't expect the 'celebration' of my ripe age to be spread over two days, but it is ~ and we have a dinner party this evening ~ will probably need a week to recover....haha
    Your help and especially your kindness over some years now has meant a great deal to me ~ and I still can remember [and accomplish] a proper cuddle and kiss ~ which is sent across that pond to my special Texan friend........... :hugs: :kisses:
    Our flight leaves tomorrow around 5pm and we come back Monday morning I think at 6:50am we leave Vegas and get to WA around 9am it was the cheaper flight lol but hotels are so close to the airport we won't have to get up crazy early. If you ever make it out this way I'll come up and see you in Seattle it's a fun town, people watching is everywhere. Lots of fun things to do. That's where we'll leave from for our cruise to Alaska next June.

    I got some creations done and I have one tube I'm behind on so you won't have to save any I'll grab them. TYSM :happyhug:
    I sent you an email with pics.. I've missed you too but I have been so busy, my brothers and sisters love is just what I needed
    we had a BLAST!! we head to the airport at 1pm I will miss them :cry: BUT! I couldn't of asked for a more healing visit
    I'll still come here of course but taking some time to reflect on me as well.. mediate and just reflect.. I have my other brother
    to share with now, we're a similiar team LOL!! Love you sooooooooooooo much Manzy :hearts: :iloveyou:
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