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  • it doest let you put much in here does it?? *LOL* I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Hello Mom's Little Squirty.. It will take me time to learn the new roo,I'm a little slow going right now n my hands dont want to do what I want but I will get there so much has happened here that its no wonder I am not in the nut house(Oh wait I am in the nut house,mike even bought me a door mat that says welcome to nut house) *LOL* we have had more deaths n heartache this pass year,cant wait for it to be over..
    sure hope all has been well with you n family..Pops send you lots of hugs N wants to know if you missed him.we almost lost him ,scared me half to death n thats when I found out wanda was not what she appeared to be with us,was just using us to keep chris,that hurt Pops sooooooo bad.I had to change all my pass words as she was going in places making believe she was me but thats pass..Big warm mom hugs *HUGS
    I miss you too, and think of you often... jeez even King Homie's on facebook! hahaha
    I thought you swore at me but then realise it was a smiley in longhand... bahahaha
    Great to see Diana's been here, however briefly. Good to see a couple of new members signed up too, here's hoping they participate.
    hello moms little squirty ..I am so lost what happened here....have missed you so much.it has been so rough for pops n I think we are starting to get back on our feet a little. i have a hard time typing my hands are real bad so wont say much right now..Pops say hello n sends bunches of hugs.. Big warm mom hugs *HUGS* I Love You Soooooooooo
    Hi Squirt! You know, I'd really like to get back the joining hands and the Twin towers you gave me a long time ago. Thanks!
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