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  • It's taking longer to get here every time I want to lol
    I actually got some PSP done today... one day at a time lol β™₯
    Hope your day is great
    Good morning babe...πŸ‘©β€β™₯ πŸ’‹πŸ’•...good luck with your results...β™₯
    Awwww xoxo πŸ¦‹ just been busy actually super busy with Sierra and the 3 day weekend was nice because hubby was home and we took turns watching her so we could each got what we needed done, I even got a tetanus shot not because of her but I was due and she has got me with her puppy teeth lol
    LOL, yup it sure is hump day...lol I'll be happy when the weekend is here too and I don't even work. I have too many appointments during the week now lol Have wonderful day, Tic!
    Have a good day off Wednesday babe...πŸ‘©β€β™₯ πŸ’‹πŸ’•
    2. airport than the actual flight.. Here in WA 15 exits took 2 hours lol, bad in SJ too.. ttyl just wanted to let you know I’m fine..the flight both ways was awesome, 737 jet plants of leg room, only had half a plane full on the way home. Loved it, went to the cemetery to visit family too β™₯️
    Hiiiii I just got home tonight I was in Calif for 7 days.. I did everything from a road trip over the Golden Gate Bridge to up north to see family..then came back and spent more time with niece and sis..and a whole lot in between... like watching my nephew play indoor soccer then drinks til 1:30am the same night lol Had a blast and pick up the new puppy tomorrow but I’m exhausted, took longer to drive home from the
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