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    Just A Wtf........ (please add!)

    I wonder if I could get away with it at the cafe?
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    Ah, science

    Evaporation of the water in the standard barrel as it was brought over from the UK.
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    Pub signs...............................

    These are all from me from over a year ago!
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    British economy

    It is becoming even harder to evict a tennant now. Additionally, if you agree to a lease with no intention of ever paying the rent, this is classed as a strictly civil matter while if you we to fraudulently enter into a contract of sale for somethng you didnot own, that would be criminal. Bad...
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    The power of a "click"

    Well I do have a degree of sympathy for those of you in the States. In October while I was there I passed a TV showing the Sunday morning politics discussion including input from the Whitehouse Correspondant from ....Playboy. I had to check twice.
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    Ok guys, we're going to have a rally. Dark hoodies and don't forget to have something to deal with the tear gas. These clothes are used because they work for the purposes they are intended for. Nothing more.
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    Or eerily similar to any cheap clothing that you can easily pick up and dispose of whithout costing a lot. To cal them uniforms suggest far too much organisation.
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    every vote counts

    It is frightening just how little your vote matters. If you do no live in a marginal seat, it has almost zero effect on the outcome. Nonetheless, it is important that you not only vote but you research what you are voting for.
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    Pub signs...............................

    That's one from over a year ago.
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    Banning Sleeping Beauty

    She said handsome... mind you, if sex with three people is a three-some, and sex between two people is a two-some, it explains why you are called hand-some :)
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    Visiting Ohio, what should I do?

    Given the date of construction, you would expect smaller plots not larger. It's much more an effect of just having so much more space I think.
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    Pub signs...............................

    This was from months ago!
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    Visiting Ohio, what should I do?

    Never went south into the state but stayed up by the lake. The sheer amount of space was staggering. Every house was detatched and most of the plots were largere than mine. Most of the houses were smaller than mine!
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    What? Waht? HALF PAST THREE!

    I think they are slowly coming to the realisation that the noise is too much for me! It's just strange that it's with the older generation I'm struggling with rather than the young! I use the self-check-out and decided I'm mighty fine....