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    thanks all ,I haven't been here for a while,I'm still having fun
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    Members please read the signature rules.

    bad bad all bad lol
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    X marks the spot

    funny,lmao,good one
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    Jump Right In...

    He's in for a big suprise and I do stress big lmao
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    file not found ... sucka!

    LMAO,good one
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    Bubba Knows Everyone!

    that was to funny,ROFLMAO
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    Bad Car Day!!!!!

    good post LMAO
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    redneck dental care kit

    LMAO Hope I never have to pull teeth like that
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    I have some of them tools ,I hope my cat don't find them lmao
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    Sexual Harassment !

    She might have a better case than the rest....good one,could it be because she is such a knock out SpiderWeb????
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    Old Man..............................

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    Thanks all for the welcome
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    Virus Scam Warning

    Thanks for the ever I don't open michael jackson any way...thanks again
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    Is This The Pizza that Gave You Indigestion?

    I thinks he might also crapp out saw dust to lmao
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    thanks for the welcome