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    The Donald Trump Collection (Please Add)

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    Gun control

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    Gun control

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    I can't believe ! ...

    I can't believe I slept 'til nearly noon today lol I can't believe all the shows I watch are an hour off, and I have no idea why, I think I slept through the explanation lol
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    Name Tags & Extras

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    what do you believe?

    I believe it's Monday, and I didn't need a jacket to run around looking at houses I believe it's been an absolutely gorgeous day I believe we plan to go looking again on Wednesday I believe we're not in any hurry I believe we're blessed to be in a situation where we can take our time I...
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    what do you believe?

    I believe they're really naming themselves lol I believe we were ready to tell him GO on the butcher block house when I spotted bugs in the window, they were termites, and they were inside I believe the bay window house has windows like this house has, which leak, which made hubby say no to...
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    Express Yourself

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    Shamelessly Admitting...

    I shamelessly admit you're right ... lol I shamelessly admit we went and looked at 4 more today I shamelessly admit we were ready to pull the trigger on one of them, when termites were spotted in the window ... inside lol *sigh* I shamelessly admit I loved that house! lol
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    ABC Conversations

    days are getting warmer here
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    True or False

    false the person below me wants Alexa lol
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    ABCs in Pictures

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    Picture of number!

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    ZYX Word game.

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    2 letter fun phrases....

    totally yesterday lol W R
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    ABC Music Groups

    Kingston Trio
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    Cars A to Z...