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    Dazed and Confused

    hi sn sorry to hear all is not well with you. the only thing I can tell you is try to find a few minutes for yourself either soak in a hot tub or somthing to that effect hope all calms down for you:) :bigsmile:
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    Pittsburgh Girls

    hey sn I gladly get down there to see you you won't have to drag me there but handcuff me if you like:inlove: ;)
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    I bet you are:happy:
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    Maid Service

    why thank you sn who me naughty lol:colgate:
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    Hey Yall,new KY girl here

    welcome curvy and happy bday have a great time here at the roo:laugh:
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    What kind of mythological creature are you?

    well mine turned out to be a vampire could not get it to upload though;)
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    Real Strange News

    lol good post sn :D glad I am not the guy with the sawed off gun and now the sawed off testicals but talk about a lousy blow job ouch
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    Pittsburgh Girls

    I sure do love them:sigh: my type of lady:D love the signature pic sn
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    *What kind of Dragon are you?*

    I,m a topaz dragon :crazy:
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    The Anniversary

    LMAO ouch and yet quite interesting good post lara:thumbs-up
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    This is to all of Harley Girls friends

    wow tell her i wish her well and my prayers will be with her hope all turns out good for her
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    if it is true that only the good die young why does anybody want to be good. the way I look at it is if you can't be good be good at it. you will live forever:eh:
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    Sexy Spiderwoman

    what a way to go:thumbs-up
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    I'm new and I'm FRUSTRATED!

    elcome to roo :D
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    Essex got himself a gang....

    nice to meet you to virgo :) hey essex ty for the wb
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    Which way should a man go???

    who needs water lol:devil:
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    Essex got himself a gang....

    LMAO watch out essex they have your number:bigsmile:
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    Hello :)

    hi welcome this place will cheer you up depression is not allowed:bigsmile: if you are blue this place will make you feel better
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    Naughty but definately Nice

    hi welcome nikki have a great time enjoy and go wild:lookaroun
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    hi little devil welcome to the roo:bigsmile: