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    Why our great grandparents were so much happier...

    Wow now all those conversations with my grandmother make more sense.
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    Jokeroo please don't band me; real naked pics of woman.

    She has really nice tibias and great ribs. Pretty damn sexy if you ask me
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    Wisdom from the walls

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    Yosemite's Fire Waterfall‏

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    punny pix 2

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    Pictures wanted: The New Roo Gallery

    Awesome now I just need to find the thread so I can look through other roo'ers pics.
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    Pictures wanted: The New Roo Gallery

    Yes thanks so much Horty and Yes that is the picture I want in the gallery unless one of these others would work better
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    Where's the father?

    The sad thing is I was actually able to figure out the equation and then my dirty mind kicked in and gave me the answer the father is UNDER the mother.
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    Pictures wanted: The New Roo Gallery

    a picture of me in a sword pose in my mini-kwoon.
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    Art's art

    Great pictures guys let's see some more.
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    Today in History....

    Wow I never thought I'd get some many friend requests from just one message. This is pretty cool
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    Today in History....

    Actually I am Chinese but I know what you mean.
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    Today in History....

    Not as much as I once did no but when I have something to say or add I usually do.
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    Today in History....

    Well thanks for the vote of confidence hon. As soon as I get them up I will make sure to post them. To whet your appetite here is the sword form I am currently learning. I've only got the first few movements down but I'm sure I'll get it soon enough.
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    Today in History....

    Yeah lately I've been doing some interesting stuff like learning new martial arts forms and even recording videos of said forms. I have performed at the local city hall and will be again in the city park. Maybe if I get up the nerve I will post the videos of my forms
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    Today in History....

    It's strange to think that exactly six years ago today I joined this site and in that time I have seen and read somethings that amaze me. It's been fun getting to know you all and I hope to meet more in the coming years.
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    i just love this song! xxxxxxx

    Congrats on POD and you posted some absolutely beautiful music but I think I will add a couple that you may have missed. <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
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    Misc. pictorial (alleged) humor

    great toons to start the final rundown to all hallow's eve.