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    It Was The Veteran

    All of us veterans appreciate that post Jhorse. I served with the 101st Airborne in Vietnam and lost a foot to a landmine, but the worst that happened was some good friends did not come home. May they rest in peace.
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    New Sex Machine

    The link doesn't work. They don't allow direct linking. :crazy:
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    Turtle Kissing

    Megan you are not old enough to be in here. Run along now a play with your Barbie and Ken dolls.
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    Suprise For You LoL

    Would rather it had been your azz that mooned me.
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    Cock Fight

    I can definitely think of something better to do with mine.
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    Computer freak

    Damn the puter with a honey like that in bed.
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    Eat me baby

    I thought it was french vanilla snow ice cream. Oh well, you ruined that for me.
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    Nokia - Stay connected

    Probably have an echo in the phone down there. HA! HA! HA! HA!
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    One of Lara's New thongs

    Looks like it's made of tissues.... :devil: A very nice cameltoe on that beauty. Is that LARA? For Real? :wow: :omg:
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    "Uh - ah"

    Oh! No! No! No! She ain't about to get mine wienie, if she is anything what her signature looks like. :hmmm:
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    Wind job

    No, you get wind burns for you are falling at 120 MPH. In the army your chute deploys immediately after jumping for your D ring that is attached to the ripcord is hooked to a wire. I have been skinny dipping though in my younger days. :D
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    Wind job

    I was in an airborne unit in the army but never had that to happen. :sneaky2:
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    Garfield gets milk

    Wish I were Garfield. He must be a very contented cat.
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    Here Is One For All The Men On Roo

    Very nice One Fine. In reality, being there would give most of us farts at roo a heart attack. :D
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    Wish you were here

    That is so cute, but to whom is this for?
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    Bungee f**king

    Sure hope her aim is good and doesn't hit that WAHOO hole. :sneaky2: :hehe:
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    Nice tits! She can ride my shifter anyday. :devil: :D
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    I Don`t Remember This In Boot Camp

    WHoooooaaaa!!!!!!!!!! I don't remember that from boot camp at Ft. Polk. But then again that was a long time ago. :bigsmile: Just using my imagination since no pic there. :sly:
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    "Uh - ah"

    Venus, what's with the red dildo on the end of the staff in your signature? Or is that a trophy you took? :sneaky: :sly: :hehe:
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    bag ladies

    If they are that ugly just do 'em doggystyle. Tthat way you don't have to look at their face. Pull their long hair back and use it like reigns on a horse. Whip them across the behind a couple of times. YEEEEEEEHHHIIIIII!!!!! RIDE 'EM COWBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!