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  1. Romford Lad

    Spot the Mackem

  2. Romford Lad

    Windy Days.

  3. Romford Lad

    Windy Days.

  4. Romford Lad

    Windy Days.

  5. Romford Lad

    Romford Lad Gallery

    Thanks Phil ~ it was a bit of a 'bummer' to be honest, but hopefully the worse is now over.... LOL
  6. Romford Lad

    we've pulled the trigger!

    Oh my word darlin' girl ~ I've been gone 5 minutes and look what you've done. What a hell of a story ~ but the thing is, after all this terrible messing about, and you settle in, there will come a time, when you sit back, in your own new 'little nest' and look at each other and have a laugh...
  7. Romford Lad

    What is it? #512

    Would you believe it, haven't been able to get here in a while ~ saw Bamber's image and knew what it was, and blow me BigPapa has hit the nail on the head ~ well I think so anyway.
  8. Romford Lad

    Romford Lad Gallery

    Thank you dear Manzy ~ and Phil for posting that ~ yep ~ it was a bit of a nuisance ~ and am slowly trying to get back to normal things, so will try [again...LOL] to get back more often.
  9. Romford Lad

    The Challenges

    Sorry guys ~ far too much to bother you all about, but am trying to start to pop in ~ hope you are all well ~ too much for me to go back over ~ but what I've quickly seen looks as great as always from all of you.