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  1. KingHomie

    Before and After

    Paper Airplanes Damn Survivor is on,, BBL
  2. KingHomie

    Question my Question

    beats me but, you do know someone does, right?
  3. KingHomie

    How often do you?????

    Hi there Squirty ;) Ahh never - nothing to steal other than a garden hose,, LOL How often do you shop for a new computer device?
  4. KingHomie

    True or False

    True - don't we all... lol The person below me has a laptop?
  5. KingHomie

    The liars club...

    I cancelled all road trip plans
  6. KingHomie

    Bakers Dozen

    Hi Manzy,,, :) 1. Horses 2. Bulls 3. Cowboys 4. Dust 5. Saddles 6. Spectators 7. Clowns 8. Chaps 9. Ropes 10. Cowboy hats 11. Announcer 12. Bull Shit on the ground - lol
  7. KingHomie

    Question my Question

    Your not including me are you? LOL
  8. KingHomie

    Question my Question

    how many do you want? lol
  9. KingHomie

    Lets play a word game.

  10. KingHomie

    Word Association game....

  11. KingHomie

    Lifetime supply

  12. KingHomie

    The liars club...

    people I know always tell the truth
  13. KingHomie

    Food game

    Sweet Potatoe Pie
  14. KingHomie

    Bakers Dozen

    1. Cowboy hat 2. Flip Flops 3. Jeans 4. Cowboy Boots 5. Tennis shoes 6. My Kilt 7. PJ's 8. Trainers 9. Sweat pants 10. Birthday Suit 11. Summer dress 12. Tank Top's
  15. KingHomie

    The What if game

    Hard to say as I'm sure there where others out there as smart... What if gasoline went over $6 per gallon?
  16. KingHomie

    How often do you?????

    once or twice a year How often do you have a picnic in your back yard?
  17. KingHomie

    Dogs name

  18. KingHomie

    Before and After

    look out
  19. KingHomie

    5 Letter Word Change Game

  20. KingHomie

    ABC ...Compound Words