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    96 year old prophecy

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    Start me up Mick

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    World Leaders

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    Mason Cox - USA USA USA

    American import Mason Cox played the game of his life. Every time he went near the ball the chant of USA, USA, USA, was the war cry for Collingwood fans. No matter what the sport it is always special to see someone play so far in front of the competition and his own team mates. Mason Cox -...
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    The Watch

    Several years ago I spoke to Romford Lad about a watch I found in the back of an antique couch we bought from a shop here in Australia. I tried for several years to repatriate the watch with a family member. There’s been a couple of hiccups along the way but we are back on the case and trying to...
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    Flynn - It’s all about me

    Where ever I go I go with my god, My god s always with me.
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    Devil baby attack
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    1914 to 2014 the rise and fall of the USA

    The Rhyme of History: Lessons of the Great War | Brookings Institution Professor Margaret MacMillan has written an interesting an informative historical look at the previous 100 years and concludes that the USA is a spent force that has outlived its own relevance on the world stage. The...
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    Colorado Marijuana shops

    Colorado’s Recreational Marijuana Stores Make History | KTLA 5 Is the trial legalization of marijuana over due in all our cities ? Alcohol and tobacco cause more harm than marijuana yet they remain legal substances. The only problem I have with marijuana is that most people smoke it...
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    How to toilet train your dog

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    UK Prisoner of WW1 search

    A long time ago we purchased a lounge suite from a container load of furniture from the UK. As if all good couches there's always a surprise under the cushions or back rest. The picture below is what I found. I've tried tracing the family connected to the watch. I was hoping someone in the UK...
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    Embryonic stem cell research

    I was under the impression an embryo was a fertilized egg. The research that USA scientists are currently working on are unfertilized donated human eggs. Putting that to one side, I think its amazing technology that will advance medical practices and give hope to so many people who have...
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    Margaret Thatcher

    Did Margaret Thatcher put the " Great " back into Great Briton as David Cameron suggested ? or Was she just another conservative politician who sold UK jobs offshore ?
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    Argo the Movie

    The best line in the movie is often repeated.... Ar-go-fuck-yourself. How it won the best picture award is a mystery to me. Is it anything more than self indulgent USA propaganda ?
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    Are you smarter than a fifth grader ?

    Whose fault is it ? TWO boys aged 10 and 11 have been committed to stand trial for conspiring to rape and murder at least one of their classmates. The 5th graders from Fort Colville Elementary School in Washington have pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit first degree murder...
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    Easter is Over

    What a great holiday it is too but in the year 2013 does it have anything to do with religion ? I read an news article during the holiday break which stated that Australia is a Godless nation where only 1 in 10 believe in God. The same article went on to say that in the USA it is more like 9...
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    Rolf Harris

    Does his arrest and release on bail, in connection with the Jimmy Savile child sex scandal bring a whole new meaning to the song " Two Little Boys " ? It goes to show the Catholic Church are not on their own when it comes to pedophilia.
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    USA...Road rage with a gun

    Is this road rage incident a good reason as to why guns should not be in cars ? He threw the first punch, lost the fight and pulled a gun. Video: Man pulls gun in road rage incident
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    Is Capitalism the Demon ?

    All through history there have been Capitalists who claim to be at one with the people and their needs. I was reading today that Lady Gaga is recuperating from hip surgery and she requested that Ken Borochov design her a wheel chair. It's only gold plated not solid gold. Is Lady Gaga...