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    My Town

    Here goes. I live in a small town called Moultrie, I have lived here all my life. I love the weather here.
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    letter from my wife....

    You are very welcome beerman. She didn't upset me at all with her message she sent me and I can understand how she was feeling. She just wanted me to know how much she loves you. She was very nice to me about it.
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    new quiz...what kind of shadow are you?

    I went to the site and I got the same thing that you do.
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    letter from my wife....

    Beerman I did get a message from your wife but she was not mean to me. I do forgive her. She was a hell of a lot nicer than the others I have got.
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    Yes I am Mom tells me that all the time. Thanks whamma you are such a sweet and dear friend to me.
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    Don't you remember when you were my home inspector?
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    Western Powers Solution

    [/center] Yea I have heard that before. LOL
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    Yes they sure do. Why are you afraid of me? I don't mind you be aroused at all tho. That would make me sexcited too. LOL
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    Well it great to know that I have very good company. Patrish I wuv you too.:inlove:
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    This is so damn sad

    poor thing
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    Tell me YOUR opinon on........

    The only drugs I do is what the doctor gives me. Right now all I am taking is Alprazolam and zoloft. I wouldn't take that if I didn't need to.
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    I love bad weather too. Of all the things that I'm afraid if bad weather is not one of them. We have a hell of a lot of tornados here. I have seen many times what it can do, but everytime one is out there I get so excited. I don't know why I always get so sexcited but I do.
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    Western Powers Solution

    ROTFLMAF more like a whore dog.
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    Looks like it is getting really good him too.
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    Smoking Is Bad For Your Sex Life

    LOL oh my god. That is so funny!
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    LOL oh my god. I can say for sure now that I have seen a smoking pussy
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    hello there

    I didn't mean to do that here. shit I messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Will you get my soap?

    I know someone that will help her
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    What's your number??

    2 - THE PEACEMAKER 2's are the born diplomats. They are aware of others' needs and moods and often think of others before themselves. Naturally analytical and very intuitive they don't like to be alone. Friendship and companionship is very important and can lead them to be successful in life...