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    Dr Who !!!

    I think some of you may remember the old television series of Dr Who. I loved it the first time round, and im looking forward to the new very updated series. The tardis used to amaze me as a kid, and the darleks- "We will exterminate" were brilliant. What do you think? Some pics would be great...
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    cant open newsletters

    Hi all, I recieve the newsletter every day but when i go to open a link i get a warning that it is not supported by hotmail or msn? and recommends that i click cancel. I dont know how to correct this as there is no help button. I havent been able to get into jokaroo for the past two days unless...
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    no news letter

    :sad: hi all, ive been looking forward to my newsletter for a few days now and nothing. I am having to content myself with past issues that i have saved. Can someone tell me where its gone and how to get it back. Thanx arlene.
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    no connection

    :( hi, I hope someone can help. I am recieving the jokaroo daily newsletter but when i go to open the link it wont open, to date i have 11 newsletters to read and cant get in ahhhhhhhhhhhhgh. I have sent 3 e mails to whoever it may concern and have had no feedback yet, so i am at a loss.