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  1. Bamber

    What is it? #519

    Available as a full coil, but usually sold to the general public as a number of shorter lengths, what is this used for?
  2. Bamber

    What is it? #518

    I'm getting used to right handed mousing. 4 Examples this week. What are these? The wider loops are around 10 cm, 4 inches across.
  3. Bamber

    Walken, dancin'

  4. Bamber

    What it it? #517

    5 Different examples. What is their function?
  5. Bamber

    What is it? #516

    The metal items are 10 mm tall (0.4 inch), the plastic 6 mm (0.2 inch). What are they?
  6. Bamber

    A different sort of Petting Zoo?

  7. Bamber

    What is it? #515

    The tallest of these stands 36 inches, 91 centimetres tall What are they intended to hold?
  8. Bamber

    What is it? #514

    The tallest of these stands around 4 inches, 10 centimetres high/ What are they?
  9. Bamber

    What Is It? #513

    For someone supposedly marking time until being made redundant I've been ridiculously busy recently, so not had much time for finding and setting the "What Is It?" The WII this week comes courtesy of @AuroraAngel Roughly 10 inches, 25 centimetres long, can anyone tell me the function of...
  10. Bamber

    Ghoul shaming

  11. Bamber

    What is it? #512

    What would you be doing if you were using these? They are generally used in pairs.
  12. Bamber

    What is it? #511

    Roughly 2½ inches, 6 cm long, a selection of... ...what?
  13. Bamber

    What is it? #510

    The tallest of these stands roughly 5 in, 12½ cm tall. What are they?
  14. Bamber

    This is cool

    Try this: Open a Google tab Search Thanos Click on the infinity glove... what happens
  15. Bamber

    What is it? #509

    What productive pastime would you be involved in if you carried one of these? These particular ones are 9 to 12 inches (23 to 30 cm) long.
  16. Bamber

    Yes, Swedish

    Must be awkward for tea and wine tasters, they'd say "yes" to everything.
  17. Bamber

    What is it? #508

    These come in a variety of sizes, from relatively small boxes to large cabinets. This one is roughly 24 inches, 60 cm tall. What is it?
  18. Bamber

    What is it? #507

    What are these? Top left is 8¼ x 4½ x 4¼ in (21 x 11½ x 10¾ cm) Top left = English Top right = French Centre = American Bottom left = Swiss Bottom Right = French
  19. Bamber

    What is it? #506

    The tallest of these stands at 67 cm, 26.4 inches. They all have the same function. What are they?
  20. Bamber

    What is it? #505

    The shortest of these is roughly 5 inches, 125 mm tall What are they?