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    Little Bit passes over 100,000 posts!

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    The humor of kings, presidents, rulers...

    Believe it or not... those who rule us have a sense of humor... in America, Abe Lincoln was supreme... But, I shall start this thread with one from my hero... JFK... Apocryphal: JFK, after the close election in 1960... "I telegraphed my Dad. Stop buying votes; I've won!"
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    ABC Game Redux

    I propose a more challenging ABC game. In this game, as in its predecessor, you have to post words that alphabetically, immediately come after the letter of the preceding post, just as in the ABC game. However, in this game you have to use 5 or more words, beginning with that next letter...
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    Easter Bunny Fun

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    Cum Shot?

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    Laundry Maids

    axox/z3/r/K/8/b/ axox/z3/r/K/8/b/a.baa.jpg axox/z3/r/K/8/b/a.caa.jpg axox/z3/r/K/8/b/a.daa.jpg axox/z3/r/K/8/b/a.eaa.jpg axox/z3/r/K/8/b/a.faa.jpg axox/z3/r/K/8/b/a.gaa.jpg axox/z3/r/K/8/b/a.haa.jpg axox/z3/r/K/8/b/a.iaa.jpg axox/z3/r/K/8/b/a.jaa.jpg axox/z3/r/K/8/b/a.kaa.jpg...
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    alien sex

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    Best Actor

    I was privileged to see "The King's Speech" this afternoon. There is no doubt in my mind that the best actor appeared in this film. His name was Rush, not Firth. Forget about "True Grit". It's been there and done that. Oh, well, Rush's role was only "supporting". That's a crock...
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    Winding Rivers

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    Father-Son, first encounters?

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    Birthers -- so-called

    I am sick and tired of those slanders against Barack Obama. The official records of the State of Hawaii declare that Obama is a natural born citizen. End of argument, so far as American law is concerned. So, on what ground can anyone contest that fact? Well, there are illegitimate...
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    Human Rights -- Its Appeal as the last Utopia

    First of all, I think everyone should read the extract of Samuel Moyn's forthcoming book -- as presented in the most recent edition of the NATION magazine. Moyn there presents the idea that the very idea of HUMAN RIGHTS is inchoate -- an idea that has few roots, as authority... (whatever that...
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    Hot Bodies? Please add.

    The previous thread, similarly titled, disappeared in a typing error. Sob. It was my 1st PoD, too. Alas and alack! Undaunted, let us try again.
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    Earth Day

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    Her pussy is exposed...

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    Squirt never ages, but she still has birthdays!!!

    Today another one happens!!! The theme of the party is dancing... go for it... And, Happy Birthday, Squirt... I see Squirt's already out there giving the party it's 1st performance!
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    Trashy Dates!

    We talk trash cause we like trashy dates!
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    Spring is sprung...