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    Blues and Country

  2. kiki5711

    Belly Dance/Burlesque Enjoy!

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    willie nillie

  4. kiki5711

    The bear, the lion & the tiger. BFFs

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    In memory of my daughter (1988-2016)

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    Large Pics.

    I have been posting in my favorite fantasy thread, but when the picture is a gif file, I get a messege that the pic. is to large. I don't know how to make them smaller. Any advice?
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    Music Video Variety For Your Soul

    Hope you enjoy.
  8. kiki5711

    cannot upload pics

    I click on upload but it doesn't allow me to upload, any new changes?
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    China’s Louisiana Purchase: Who’s building a methanol plant on the bayou?

    Get ya'r gear ready! Bobby Jindal and China's Louisiana Methanol Plant | Al Jazeera America ST. JAMES PARISH, La. — A prominent Chinese tycoon and politician — whose natural gas company's environmental and labor rights record recently started coming under fire in the Chinese press — is...
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    can't log in to upload pics

    anyone can help. i use the same password same name???
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    little video for all of you from me

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    anyone have problem uploading? I can't since yesterday. :kisses2:
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    Happy New Year Everyone with all my heart

    qabq/z3/g/B/R/e/ :clapanddance::clapanddance::clapanddance::clapanddance::clapanddance::blowhearts::blowhearts::frozentongue::frozentongue::nana::nana::airheart::airheart::gift::gift: qabq/z3/g/B/R/e/a.baa-happy-new-year-wishes.gif
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    Native American Beauties

    Humpemsquaw q03u/z3/k/m/O/e/
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    not uploading pics, is there a problem today?

    it spins and spins and it's done, but no links appear to copy and paste. is there a limit to how many you can upload at one time?:speed::speed::speed:
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    mother's day thread

    can anyone point me to a mother's day thread? thanks:lovearrow::lovearrow::flowerforyou2:
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    the list up there is soo dark

    where it lists forum.....what's new....etc..each tab is so dark, I can't see the words. Is this something on my part? otherwise I love the new look. Or is that because my husband bought a bigger screen? who the hell knows.....:thee::thee::thee:
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    Post-Election shock syndrome

    I know the election is over,,but as a matter of fact, the war has just begun. Starting with REJECTING Affordable Care Act a/k/a Obamacare by several states. One of the largest and LEAST amount of people not insured with healthcare is TEXAS. I'm wondering how exactly are they proposing to take...
  19. kiki5711

    Donald Trump just released proof Obama was once Somali pirate

    BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump just released proof the President was once a Somali pirate. Details may be found on the Romney/Ryan website. mpuf/z3/x/X/c/e/a.baa-.jpg