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    badges for every mood (plz add)

    not a prob sweety
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    Gynecology Clinic.........

    great pod
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    Why risk your life

    you cant go through life without risk. you are taking a risk getting behind the wheel everyday. you just dont know whats going to happen. but you cant board yourself up and do nothing because that isnt living. but Im not saying climb a mountain
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    Wife got him a new suit

    umm doh! great one
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    I Dont Think Shes Coming Back

    lol beer has destroyed his brain function
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    Are Your Boobs In Your Spokes

    lol it might hurt more if he tries to get it out
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    Great Saleslady

    wonder if its worth what is charged
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    Presidential 21 Gum Salute

    he loved sitting at that desk. always had an intern down there lol
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    Punctuation Is Powerful

    yes that is for sure
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    This Ragged Flag

    thank you glad you liked it
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    Punctuation Is Powerful

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    This Ragged Flag

    nothing could be more true
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    When We Were Young.

    great one
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    25 Signs Youve Grown Up

    thanks everyone