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  1. LilMissPurrfect

    Bamber anecdote

    Tim McTaggart looks suspiciously much like Talus the Templar!! :unsure: What is it with wizards and time-travelling? :cautious:
  2. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #522

    An AED defibrillator? (Or did I just kill someone? :cautious:)
  3. LilMissPurrfect

    NO - Sad news

    She was one of the sweetest women I´ve ever met online.
  4. LilMissPurrfect

    Climate change

    EXACTLY!!!! Because people with a different opinion than you should be ignored. :confused:
  5. LilMissPurrfect

    The Donald Trump Collection (Please Add)

    Now that is something I definitely want to see proof of, French citizens chanting in the streets, that they love and want Donald Trump? lol.
  6. LilMissPurrfect

    punny pix 2

    Emotional Black Male? Emotional Blackmail?
  7. LilMissPurrfect

    What it it? #520

    Good Luck with that. :) May I suggest a crash course ¨How to compete with a pro¨ :sneaky:
  8. LilMissPurrfect

    What it it? #520

    A finger massager.......Jep...that´s exactly what I had in mind. :sneaky:
  9. LilMissPurrfect

    Pick a song!!

  10. LilMissPurrfect

    What it it? #520

    Some kind of massage tool?
  11. LilMissPurrfect

    If journalists told it like it is

    Today, you´re all that child!! :p
  12. LilMissPurrfect

    If journalists told it like it is

    Good luck tomorrow but whoever they´ll announce ...he definitely will be the C word. :p
  13. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #519

    Well Done, P! (y)
  14. LilMissPurrfect

    Make yourself at home

    Is that true? I always thought that to apply for asylum you have to be physically within that country. And that only the ones who apply for refugee status can do that outside the country. And although both are protected under international law, there is a difference between refugees and asylum...
  15. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #518

    Well Done, on no one winning this week´s WII........ And congrats on winning the world cup!!
  16. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #518

  17. LilMissPurrfect

    This morning

    For crying out loud man, you´re getting too old, to go running around with b*tches.:cautious:
  18. LilMissPurrfect

    The definition of cute...