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    YouTube videos

    Episode 4 - Cursing (kind of)
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    YouTube videos Here is a video with some great pointers on how to make your relationship work. It will pay of to give the whole video a chance. Hope you like it =)
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    YouTube videos Short clip how to crack an egg the fastest way =)
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    Kayak Fail Entering a kayak in a stupid way will result in a not so brilliant start.
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    Work out with Muppet Tony

    A workout video I made with my friend Tony the muppet. Hope you like it and find it very inspirational and helpfull.
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    God - Believe in Me

    Thanx. More will come, hopefully funnier than this. Until then you may watch my Simple Swedish series, a funnier way to learn the swedish language. You can find it at my YouTubechannel
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    God - Believe in Me Managed to post this in the wrong section the first time. Sorry for that. Me and a buddy tried to make a funny message from God himselfe to start believing in him again.
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    YouTube videos

    The True Blood Special of my Simple Swedish series. Episode 3 - True Blood Special:
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    YouTube videos

    The second video in the short series I made on the subject of learning Swedish the fun way. Episode 2:
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    YouTube videos

    I made 3 videos for learning the Swedish language with a touch of humor. This is the first episode. Episode 1:
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    God - Believe in Me A funny message from God himselfe to start believing in him again.