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  1. Bamber

    sexy brilor is LEGENDARY! ♥

    Congratulations Brilor. Good to see a stalwart member get some recognition.
  2. Bamber

    This morning

    I'm averse to taking pictures of people; feel like I'm intruding.
  3. Bamber

    Feline capers

  4. Bamber

    Feline capers

  5. Bamber

    Feline capers

  6. Bamber

    Funny signs.

    Only has tables for one, I presume?
  7. Bamber

    Weekly What Is It?

  8. Bamber

    This morning

    Oasis of calm by Phil Gayton, on Flickr The wooden climbing frame was erected in memory of an adventurous little lad, Reuben Williams, killed last year in a local traffic incident.
  9. Bamber

    This morning

    Shaded river, bright sky by Phil Gayton, on Flickr
  10. Bamber

    This morning

    A couple of women had been sat on the bench behind where I took this from at the end of Vire Island. They had obviously been doing some sort of morning exercise earlier, possibly tai chi, and had just stood up when the morning breeze took an exercise mat from one of their hands and dumped it in...
  11. Bamber

    This morning

    No time for a walk this morning, constantly delayed by niggling little things. Still, It was another pleasant if somewhat breezy morning. The Plains by Phil Gayton, on Flickr
  12. Bamber

    Just A Wtf........ (please add!)

    Jack off lantern? Blow on the po?
  13. Bamber

    The roo petting zoo... Please add♥

  14. Bamber

    odds and ends ...

  15. Bamber

    This morning

    Coming back down St Peter's Quay behind The Steam Packet Inn, this was just begging to be photographed. Pictureqsue by Phil Gayton, on Flickr
  16. Bamber

    This morning

    When I stopped to take this couple of shots it homed in on me, seemingly to use me as an anchor point. Either that or it was both extremely hungry and extremely ambitious! Construction worker by Phil Gayton, on Flickr